Lush Christmas Is Coming & There's A Cookie Dough Body Scrub

Lush's Christmas Collection launched on Oct. 15.

No, Halloween hasn't passed, and Thanksgiving is certainly no where near, but that doesn't mean you can't get into the Christmas spirit. Don't start playing holiday carols in your office or anything, but you can shop the Lush Christmas Collection as a way to get a jumpstart on the most festive season of the year.

For Lushies (the name affectionately given to fans of the brand), holidays mark a particularly exciting time because Lush knows how to do them right. From Halloween and its PSL Lip Scrub to Mother's Day to yes, Christmas, the eco-friendly, ethical brand launches massive collections of themed products that bring back old favorites and introduces new innovations. The new 2019 Lush Christmas collection is no different.

This year, Lush has launched over 70 (yes, 70) new products themed around everything from winter weather to Santa Claus to cookies in order to get customers in the holiday spirit, and based on the launch, it's likely going to work. All 70 of the new Lush Christmas items dropped online on Oct. 15 and starting Nov. 1, they'll be available in Lush stores as well.

While Halloween and Lush's spookier options may be fresh on your mind, there's even more goodies that have landed. Here's a look at what you can shop post-spooky season.

1. Snow Fairy Bar Soap

Snow Fairy is one of Lush's most beloved holiday scents, and it's back in multiple forms this year. The Snow Fairy bar soap is just one way to get this candy-sweet scent, but it also comes in a body spray, shower gel, and more.

2. Cookie Dough Scrub

Cookie Dough Shower Scrub is one of Lush's new innovations for the holiday season. The product contacts sea salt and sugar to help exfoliate while aloe helps to moisturize your skin. Plus, this exfoliating wash smells like vanilla and hazelnut (just like it matching lip scrub) and will make you want to bake Christmas cookies as soon as you're out of the bath.

3. Rudolph Bath Bomb

While Rudolph may keep Santa's sleigh on the right track throughout the night, the bath bomb will have you sleeping like a baby. The marzipan smell and rose fragrance is ultra-relaxing, and hello, how cute is this?

4. Yog Nog Body Conditioner

Yog Nog is another returning fragrance from Lush's Christmas collection, but this time it's in a body conditioner. Last year, Yog Nog debuted as a bubble bar, and now you can get this sweet and spicy scent while you moisturize in the bath or shower.

5. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Golden Wonder is an annual favorite among Lushies, and once you see it in action, it'll be one of yours, too. This golden present-shaped bath bomb fizzes to make gorgeous blue water and smells like sweet orange and lime. What's not to love?

6. Cinnamon Orange Bath Oil

Bath oils should definitely be on your to try list if you aren't super into bath bombs or bubble bars. This multi-use product give off a gorgeous scent of cinnamon and moisturizes your skin while you bath, which make it perfect for your pampering holiday bathing.

7. Penguin Bomb Bomb

This penguin-shaped bath bomb is actually a two-for-one deal. The top and bottom of the ultra-cute waddler can be used seperately or together for an even more luxe bath experience. It's almost too cute to use, but you know you still will.

8. Rudolph Jelly Face Mask

Lush's jelly face masks are one of the brand's most innovative products. The squishy texture that smooths evenly on to your face is a must-try item, and this chocolate, Rudolph-themed mask is perfect for the holidays.

9. Bûche de Noël

Another Lushie favorite that's returning is Bûche De Noël. This crumbling cleanser exfoliates skin and prevents that dreaded winter dryness. Plus, it smells like orange and brandy.

10. Rudolph Nose Shower Bomb

Not everyone has a bath, and Lush knows this. Welcome, the shower bomb. Simply place this ultra-affordable product in your shower, and the steam will release the smell of ho wood, lemon, and sweet almond.

Sure, Halloween hasn't even passed, but there's no one Lushies can resist these new goodies.