Marvel's Disney+ TV Shows Will Definitely Connect To The MCU, So Be Ready To Look For Clues

Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame is the end of an era, or to put it in Marvel Cinematic Universe terms, the end of Phase 3. But, in a new interview, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige detailed the upcoming Disney+ Marvel shows connection to the MCU, which should make fans excited for what's to come in Phase 4, and beyond.

While talking to Variety, Feige made it clear that fans are going to want to pay attention to the upcoming slate of new Marvel series set to premiere on Disney's upcoming streaming service. He confirmed that they will directly connect to the next run of already announced movies like Shang-Chi, which will be Marvel's first Asian-led superhero movie. “These episodes will intersect with the movies in a very big way,” Feige said. “It’s a totally new form of storytelling that we get to play with and explore.”

Being that he's Marvel's top guy, it's no surprise that Feige wasn't interested in giving away how these shows will intersect with the movie. (Especially, before Endgame hits theaters on April 26, a movie that fans believe could write out characters like Captain America being that Chris Evans has said he's done with the Avengers.) If Endgame does mark the end of the road for some superheroes, where does that leave the surviving Avengers?

Disney+ has already announced a few Marvel series in the works, including WandaVision, a series focused on Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) and a Loki (Tom Hiddleston) series, according to Polygon. Disney+ will also reportedly have a show that teams Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) up with and Falcon (Anthony Mackie). And there's a Hawkeye limited TV series reportedly in the works starring Jeremy Renner that will also introduce Kate Bishop, who just so happens to be the new Hawkeye.

Feige's comment that these shows would connect to the MCU going forward could mean that all these characters survive Endgame (though how that applies to Loki, who appeared to die in Infinity War, nobody knows). And, that in turn could be a sign that these characters will step up into bigger roles in the MCU, something the Marvel Studios president also commented on.

“Some of these films will feature characters that you already know,” Feige said of Phase 4. “Some supporting characters will assume leading roles, while some new characters will be introduced. The reward for all of these films working is that we get to try to do it again and do it differently and learn from our mistakes and try something we haven’t tried before.”

With all of this news of new Marvel character's being introduced and the expansion of the MCU over to television, it's no surprise people are asking if the X-Men, which are now owned by Disney after the company acquired 21st Century Fox, might show up in an upcoming phase of the MCU.

No surprise, Feige is keeping mum about when the beloved mutants might reappear, but he did tell Variety that he's happy they're finally at Marvel. “The specifics of what it means remains to be seen, but overall it’s wonderful and it feels like these characters have come home,” Feige said.

It's unclear what exactly Marvel has planned, not only the X-Men, but for all the characters in the next phase of the MCU. What is clear, is that fans will have to keep an eye on both Marvel movies and television shows to be sure they're up to date with the entire franchise. Clearly, there's no real endgame in sight for Marvel's superheroes.