Kellogg’s Is Releasing A UNICORN CEREAL & The Flavor Is So Extra

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Coming to a grocery store near you in March 2018, Unicorn Cereal from Kellogg's! Yes, this is a real thing, that's really happening, and yes, Unicorn Cereal milk is going to be just as pink and purple and swirly as you can imagine. But if this cereal looks familiar, it's probably because it either visited you in your dreams, or because you read about the unicorn themed Fruit Loops that were being sold in the U.K. last year. So for the first time ever in the United States, Kellogg's is releasing an independent Unicorn Cereal that's totally its own thing.

The limited edition morning treat looks a bit like Fruit Loops, but instead of rainbow colors, the whole grain cereal bites are pretty pastels, including pink, purple, and blue. And instead of fruit flavoring, the cereal is "magic cupcake" flavored, with some added sweet crunch thanks to some extra cupcake flavored crunchlets — because would you expect anything else from a unicorn themed cereal?

If your eyes have just turned into emoji hearts and your mouth is watering and you simply cannot wait until March to try this cereal, you're in luck. Kellogg's Cafe in NYC currently has Unicorn Cereal on its menu, along with a million other multi-colored treats that look like things that only Buddy the Elf could concoct. Surely a visit to the Kellogg's cafe will tide you over.

But to commemorate our achievements in the Unicorn culinary sphere, let's take a look back at some of our wildest, most colorful nods to the mythic creature:

Unicorn Frappuccino

Iconic. Perhaps the most stand-out menu item of 2017, constantly referenced and revered, the Unicorn Frapp will go down in history. There has never been an other drink so colorful, especially not from a chain coffee shop.

Unicorn Macarons

These cute little pastries made a big splash online. Seeing as macarons are notoriously colorful, making a dedicated colorful unicorn macaron was only a matter of time. Now you can find unicorn macarons all over the country that look just like this.

Unicorn Bagel

Brooklyn's The Bagel Store is known for it's rainbow colored creations. But this year they really turned up the saturation when they added rainbow colored unicorn cookie dough cream cheese spread to their menu. Yes, people really eat this for breakfast.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

California's Creme & Sugar dessert shop created a unicorn hot chocolate that's so colorful, and so beautiful, you won't even want to drink it. You'll want to put it on a shelf and stare at it forever. It literally looks like a piece of art.

Unicorn Sushi Donuts

Yes, this is really a thing — unicorn sushi donuts are here! It's basically just a rainbow roll that's been molded into the shape of a donut. It's not as wild as it sounds, and I'm sure it's every bit delicious.

Unicorn Grilled Cheese

You thought your cheese pull was epic before the unicorn craze? Well a multi-colored cheese pull is an Instagram win. Chomp Eatery in Los Angeles created a Unicorn Grilled Cheese sandwich that's so brilliant, it looks like a cartoon — but it's oh-so-real.

Unicorn Shake

Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of. This cotton candy, rock sugar unicorn themed milkshake is definitely the kind of thing that you could imagine a unicorn slurping down. You know, if unicorns were real and could handle that kind of sugar intake. You can get this delicious shake at Black Tap in NYC, or attempt to make it at home by putting together all of your most colorful sweets.

Unicorn Toast

One way to make your boring morning toast more interesting is surely to make it rainbow colored and unicorn like. And get this, the famed Vibrant & Pure unicorn toast is not made with artificial flavors and colors. Creator Adeline Waugh uses beet juice, turmeric and dried berry powders and mixes them in with cream cheese to create vibrant colors, and yes, pure tastes. It's a gorgeous, it's edible, and it's pretty healthy.