Most Women Would Choose THIS Over Amazing Sex


If you ever eat something amazing and think, Wow, I'd give up sex for pizza any day, you're definitely not alone. Surveys are constantly showing us that plenty of people prefer food over sex.

In 2013, Columbia University released the results of a very important seven-year-long survey about cheese and oral sex. For seven years straight, Columbia interviewed seniors asking one of the most debated questions of our time: "Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese?" What was found through the analysis of these responses was something that shook the world back in 2013: 42 percent of the graduating seniors during those seven years of research wore willing to give up oral sex before they'd give up cheese, 30 percent chose oral over cheese, and 28 percent either didn't answer or danced around the topic.

When the results were broken down by gender, it was women who were more likely to skip out on performing or receiving oral sex and go straight for the cheese instead, but ultimately, cheese still won. Because, well, it's cheese and cheese makes people happy; very, super, extra special happy, in some, if not all, cases.

Now, five years later, the food versus sex debate continues. For their most recent Women's Wellness Survey, Everyday Health asked over 3,000 American women of various age groups about their thoughts on wellness, as a whole, but included an entire section to such essential topics like food and sex. Here's what the survey found about who would choose food over sex:


Most Women Would Choose An Amazing Meal Over Amazing Sex

Of those 3,000+ women, 73 percent admitted then when given the option of an "amazing meal" or "amazing sex," they'd take the amazing meal.

If you're all about the "amazing sex" and you're wondering why this could possibly be, let me break it down for you: with amazing food you have more of a guarantee you're going to like it, according to Lauren Streicher, MD, an associate clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and the medical director of the Center for SexualHealth and the Center for Menopause in Chicago.

So when presented with two option, doesn't it just make sense to go with the sure thing?


Baby Boomers Are Most Likely To Choose Food Over Sex

When the study broke down the results by generation, they found that, at 81 percent, Baby Boomers crave amazing food over amazing sex. Which is an interesting finding considering past research has found that Baby Boomers are having more sex than Millennials. But, not too far behind, at 72 percent, are Millennial women choosing food over sex. For 68 percent of Gen-Xers, it's food before sex. (Keep in mind we're talking "amazing" food versus "amazing" sex in all of these scenarios.)


Married Women Prefer Amazing Food To Amazing Sex

According to the findings, 77 percent of married women will take the food over sex, while 72 percent of single women will take the food over sex. For those women who are in relationships, but not married, 68 percent of them want amazing food before amazing sex.


Women Without Kids Want Amazing Food Over Amazing Sex

When the study looked at women with kids versus women without kids, it was the women without kids who, at 75 percent, would take the amazing food over the amazing sex. As for women with kids, that percentage was found to be 72.


Women With Unsatisfying Sex Lives Prefer Food To Sex

In news that doesn't exactly rock anyone's world with wonder, the survey found that 75 percent of women who don't have "satisfying sex weekly," crave food instead of more sex. As for women who are actually enjoying sexual satisfaction on a weekly basis, 69 percent crave amazing food over sex. I think there's a real pattern here.


Self-Employed Women Are The Least Likely To Choose Amazing Food Before Amazing Sex

Although still in the majority, only 69 percent of self-employed women would choose amazing food over amazing sex, compared to 80 percent of retired women who would choose the same. As for employed women, their preference for food over sex had to do with how satisfied they were with work. For women who reported being satisfied in their jobs, 74 percent would take the amazing food over the amazing sex and women who reported being dissatisfied, 69 percent would head for the food before the sex.

This isn't the first time a survey found that many women put food before sex. A 2012 survey by Match and Today found that 39 percent of women would opt out of sex for a whole year instead of opting of out of their favorite food and a 2014 study found that 74 percent of French women put food above sex, because of course. Cheese, duck, and creme brulee versus sex? I mean, come on.

Takeaway? Women really have life figured out as to what's most important: pizza, er, food. All the food!