You Can Watch Zac Efron's Episode Of 'Punk'd' Right Now On YouTube Thanks To MTV

It's time to add a daily dose of reality TV nostalgia to your quarantine watch list. MTV is uploading classic episodes of Cribs, Punk'd, My Super Sweet 16, and more shows to its MTV Vault channel on YouTube. The cable channel shared the news with Entertainment Weekly, including details on when viewers can expect more episodes to be uploaded.

At the moment, there are only a handful of complete episodes available, alongside plenty of clips, but that's going to change over the next few days. In addition to classic episodes of Cribs, Punk'd, and My Super Sweet 16, MTV will also upload episodes from Parental Control, Room Raiders, and Silent Library (a competition series that featured people completing challenges as quietly as possible in a library). Episodes of Cribs will be uploaded on Mondays and Fridays, Silent Library will drop on Tuesdays, Punk’d on Wednesdays, and Parental Control on Thursdays, per EW.

The YouTube channel currently includes retro episodes like the dramatic police chase that Ashton Kutcher orchestrated to prank Zac Efron on Punk'd, and a tour of Johnny Knoxville's digs on Cribs. With new content dropping daily throughout the week, MTV fans will have plenty of marathon material to keep them reliving the '00s glory days of the channel.

MTV joins a growing number of streaming sites and channels that are providing content for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to MTV's reality favorites, viewers who are sheltering in place can also enjoy free episodes of HBO hits like True Blood and Succession, and select Apple TV content, including every episode of Dickinson and Servant. Additionally, people who are stuck at home can enjoy extended free trials of streaming services and premium channels including Showtime, Acorn TV, and Shudder.

There's no shortage of shows to stream at the moment, but for anyone who grew up in the '00s, the nostalgia of classic MTV episodes is especially appealing. The channel's impressive collection of reality shows transport viewers to a simpler time of pranks, elaborate birthday parties, and celebrities happily showing off their six different Jacuzzis and shoe closets that are bigger than most apartments. And the best part? It's all 100 percent free — you don't even need a login. So go forth, and stream all the MTV classic shows you can handle, because everyone deserves some nostalgic downtime right now.

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