This '13 Reasons Why' Star's Creepy Movie Trailer Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Never agree to stay in a secluded house in the woods should be a no-brainer for horror movie characters by now, and yet, they just keep on doing it. Even 13 Reasons Why's Dylan Minnette isn't immune to the trope, as he illustrates in the trailer for Netflix's The Open House. The spooky thriller finds Minnette's Logan and his character's mom heading to their friend's mountain getaway after the death of the family patriarch. There's a catch, though — the house is up for sale, so every Sunday, Logan and his mom, Naomi (played by Piercey Dalton), have to leave during open house hours. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?

If you guessed a home invader moves in, you might just be right. The Open House trailer is careful not to confirm whether or not the person terrorizing Logan and Naomi is of the supernatural variety, but it certainly feels like their tormentor is made of flesh and blood, thanks to a collection of stalker style photos. What the teaser does offer up is plenty of potential suspects, including several creepy neighbors who appear to be lurking around the home at odd hours.

Whatever is going on in The Open House, the movie definitely looks like a total scare-fest. At one point Minnette hears clanging coming from the basement, and in another scene he descends a dark staircase, only to find a walled off dead end. This mountain paradise has great views, but the house's fear factor is way too high for anything good to happen there.

Minnette may be best known for his role as the pensive Clay in Netflix's teen drama 13 Reasons Why, but he's no stranger to the horror genre. In 2015, he starred in Goosebumps alongside Jack Black, and even though it was a scary movie aimed at kids, you have to give Minnette props for facing down Slappy the evil ventriloquist dummy. Then, in 2016, the 21-year-old played a key role in the psychological thriller Don't Breathe.

Interestingly, Don't Breathe's premise is the exact opposite of The Open House's. The Open House appears to be a home invasion movie told from the point of view of the people being terrorized, but in Don't Breathe, Minnette played a young adult who broke into someone's house only to have the tables turned on him and his friends by the homeowner. Hopefully, his character in The Open House will have better luck, because Don't Breathe was brutal.

Open House's premise doesn't inspire much hope that Minnette's Logan isn't in for some serious terror. It's bad enough that the poor kid has just lost his father, and now he has to deal with a potential murderer living inside of his vacation home too. The mix of grief and fear is a potent one in the trailer. Right now, Open House's biggest draw is the mystery surrounding what exactly is going on in the house. Is the loss of a member of their family causing Logan and Naomi to see things that aren't there or are they in a situation where they can't trust anyone? As horror movie premise's go, that's a pretty solid one.

Open House's biggest selling point for horror fans might just be that they don't have to brave the wintry weather to head out to a theater to see it. The movie will be available on Netflix beginning Jan. 19, and the trailer's snowy imagery suggests Open House could be the perfect thriller to curl up with on a chilly night. Hey, if you have to shiver, you might as well do it for a good reason. (Having Minnette on hand as the film's curious protagonist doesn't hurt either.)