Nick Viall Tackles The BSB & *NSYNC Rivalry

by Kristie Rohwedder
Rick Rowell/ABC

Everybody rock your body right, because this little scoop is gonna bring it 'til the end. In a recent interview with E! News, Bachelor Nation legend Nick Viall addressed the most important question of our time: *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys? I rubbed my hands together and licked my chops as I waited to hear the reality TV personality’s answer. Surely Viall will say something incendiary. Something polarizing. Something juicy. Surely Viall will choose between BSB and *NSYNC, and I cannot wait for the inevitable drama.

After all, this is The Bachelorette contestant who tried to shame Andi Dorfman at After the Final Rose for sleeping with him in the Fantasy Suite. This is The Bachelorette contestant who popped up in the middle of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season and asked to be part of the show (again). This is the Bachelor in Paradise contestant who went with the ol’ proposal fake out (something he was no stranger to, thanks to his two stints on The Bachelorette). I suppose you could say he has a history of saying things that can rub people the wrong way.

When asked to provide his stance on The Great Boy Band Debate Of The Late ‘90s And Early '00s, however, Viall did not offer up a controversial answer. Instead, he kept things diplomatic. How very his season of The Bachelor of him. The current Dancing with the Stars hopeful told E! News,

"For me, Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC were kind of at their peak when I was in high school and college, so I was a big fan of both those bands. I was very fortunate to meet the Backstreet Boys last year on The Bachelor, so that was a really cool experience for me to even perform with them. It was very surreal. I weirdly felt at home. And I've always liked *NSYNC. Honestly, they're both great."

I can’t argue with that; both are great. But dang, if that wasn’t a safe answer. I bet Bachelorette Season 10 Viall would’ve chosen one boy band over the other. Bachelorette Season 10 Viall liked to mix things up. But hey, he isn’t Bachelorette Season 10 Viall anymore. The world spins on, and Bachelor Nation’s residents spin with it.

Also? Let’s not sleep on that “I weirdly felt at home” line. Was… was Viall in a boy band in a past life?