Nickelodeon’s Green “Slime” Ketchup Is Back, So You Can Relive Your Reckless Youth

by Megan Grant

In the latest news regarding artificially colored but incredibly cool food, one of our favorite childhood staples is back! Sort of! Remember the slime green ketchup you used to eat as a wee one? That was nice, wasn't it? It hasn't made its return, so don't get excited. Green Nickelodeon ketchup is back, though, thanks to Walmart. They created Nickelodeon Slime Sauce under their Great Value brand, and the vibrant color will really bring out the yellow of your fries. Dinnertime just got cool again.

Slime Sauce is listed on Walmart's website, although only for in-store pick-up. They have it priced at $2.28 for a 20-ounce bottle. Head to the nearest location and grab a bottle or 12 while you can, because something tells me every '90s child is itching to get their hands on this.

Oozy, sticky slime is iconic of the channel we all grew up with. If you ever watched Double Dare, Figure It Out, or the Nick Choice Awards, you probably had dreams of someone dumping a bucket of green slime on you with no notice. I'm not suggesting you do this with Walmart's ketchup or anything (or am I????) but I bet it'll taste dope on your corndogs and stuff.

Every since the '90s ended, we've been in a constant state of trying to bring them back. It was just a few months ago we learned that this summer, a Double Dare revival will be gracing us with its presence. Although Marc Summers, the original host, won't be returning, we can't wait to relive the childhood memories of Double Dare.

Earlier this year, Nickelodeon made an eyeshadow palette, which comes in an orange Nickelodeon VHS-shaped case, naturally. Now, when I try to copy the girls in the YouTube makeup tutorials and fail miserably, I can at least do it with really cute and colorful eyeshadow reminiscent of my childhood.

In October of last year, one of my greatest dreams became reality, and Reptar Bars went on sale at FYE — chocolate on the outside and green filling on the inside, and they actually turn your mouth green, just like the song says! It's real! I don't want to cause a panic or anything, but they also had Reptar cereal on sale too. Part of a well-balanced breakfast. Kinda.

To recap: Slime Sauce, Reptar Bars, and Reptar Cereal. Basically, all three meals are taken care of.

I know I'm supposed to be eating kale salads and pressed juice, but the '90s child inside of me is screaming for green ketchup.

And I'd be remiss if I failed to mention that one time Motorola RAZR flip phones came back. The RAZR reminded us of a time when our parents gave us strict instructions to use our phones "for emergencies only" and you had to limit your use so you didn't run out of minutes before the month was up. This was a time before Snapchat, duck lips, and taking your phone to the bathroom with you.

Amidst the hectic schedule and daily stressors of adult life, many of us find comfort in reverting back to our youth — a simpler time, when the biggest decision you had to make was whether to have pizza rolls or Pop-Tarts for your after-school snack. Trying to find something on Netflix wasn't an issue, but rather catching the one channel you were looking for on the scrolling TV guide before you missed it and had to watch the whole thing all over again. Instead of waiting in line for Kylie Jenner's lip kit, we waited in line for the latest Super Soaker.

Those were the days.

If '90s nostalgia is getting the best of you, head to Walmart and treat yourself to a bottle of Slime Sauce.