Nose Art On Instagram Might Be The Next Big Beauty Trend & It's Like A Fancy-Schmancy Pore Strip

Another day, another quirky makeup look spreading like wildfire throughout the beauty community. This time, schnozes are getting a makeover because nose art on Instagram is the next beauty trend gaining momentum, as spotted by Allure.

Just about every part of the face has had its big moment. From mini paintings on lips to eyelid art trending, faces have been completely transformed into masterpieces. And there's no forgetting the brows, perhaps, the facial feature undergoing the biggest transformations of all. Whether it was arches formed into a halo, groomed into squiggly lines, or loaded with glitter, eyebrows have received so much attention, making for the whackiest brow trends.

It's finally time to say R.I.P. to all of the brow madness, though, now that there's a new trend on the block. It's just as odd as getting funky with the brows, but just as creative as painting a portrait on the lips. Allure found that noses are next up to receive the glam treatment.

Beauty enthusiasts are always testing the limits with putting product in places they traditionally don't belong, so it's only natural that nose drawings become a thing. Who nose whether the trend will stick around for long, but for now, the schnoz is unexpectedly taking over the 'Gram.

Taking their brushes to their bridges and nostrils, makeup artists are altering their noses with shadows and liners, Allure found. It's not a part of the face that you'd typically think to decorate, but the practice is making for some stunning nose jobs, even if it does look like a glorified pore strip.

Pinpointing the source of the trend is nearly impossible, as there's no specific person to credit as the creator of the look. But plenty of beauty gurus have gotten on board with the fad, filling their Instagram feeds with stellar nose art inspiration.

There's no limit to how creative you can get with the trend. Some beauty enthusiasts have loaded their snouts with shadow, leaving cutouts of stars, hearts, and other mini shapes.

Then there's a simple dusting of the nose in a single hue, taking a subtle approach to the trend that can make for such an alluring monochromatic look.

For those who have truly embraced nose art, a singe shadow just won't do, however. So, the 'Gram is home to full-on nose drawings that make every detail count.

Seeming to take notes from the galaxy freckles trend, noses have even been covered in dozens of colorful dots. It's not only a refreshing take on freckles, but also a quick solution for jazzing up any beauty look.

Just as mesmerizing as other nose drawings, there are looks that give the bridge the spotlight. Whether it's on the tip, between the eyes, or an entire nose painting, all of it so strangely good.

Of course, not everyone is here for adorning noses with pseudo pore strips. As does every weird makeup trend, nose art had its critics.

Following its whacky brow trend predecessor, nose art polarized the beauty community.

Despite the naysayers, many makeup junkies were in favor of all of the nose embellishments.

Even if wasn't for everyone, many beauty lovers were willing to give the trend a shot. After all, you really can't knock it until you try it.

It may be bizarre, but given how willing the beauty community is to try anything when it comes to makeup, Instagram has honestly seen stranger things. The trend may not even survive for long. Considering beauty crazes tend to die just as quickly as they start, nose art just may lose out to the next big trend to soon come along.