Pete Davidson Revealed The Name Of Ariana Grande's Pet Pig With His New Tattoo

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Pete Davidson's love for tattoos isn't exactly a secret. After all, his arms are covered in them. Recently, he and fiancé Ariana Grande have taken to getting them together even getting couple-themed ink. Now, though, Pete Davidson's pig and Winnie The Pooh tattoos seem to be all his, and they're honestly cute AF.

If you hadn't heard, Davidson and tattoos have become big news lately, and it's partially because of his relationship with actor and singer Ariana Grande. Why tattoos and Grande, though? It's because the couple seems to be all about getting new ink together, or ink inspired by one another, or ink that actually matches. Basically, they spend a lot of time in tattoo shops.

The world seems enraptured with whether or not Davidson or Grande's new tattoos (whenever they get them) are actually related to one another. From Davidson's bunny ears to their matching "H2GKMO" tattoo, it's no wonder people are thinking that Davidson's new ink could be Grande related.

What are his new tattoos, though? He's got two that fans could read into, but these two new pieces seem to be much less related to Grande and much more related to a recent addition to the actor's life and a childhood character that seems to potentially be personal in nature.

How did people find out about these new tattoos? The artist Davidson went to, Mira Mariah, posted the images to her Instagram page. In the image, the actor's fans can see a fluffy (and adorable) pig with the name Piggy Smallz inked below it. Above that tattoo, there's a new image of Winnie the Pooh holding a balloon. Both pieces are on Davidson's side.

As for Piggie Smallz, fans already have an idea that this could be the name of Davidson and Grande's new pet pig. Yes, the couple do seem to have adopted a super cute pig over the weekend. So while this new tattoo may be Ariana Grande adjacent, it's more about their new pet than his fiancé.

As for Winnie? Refinery29 posits that it could be an homage to Grande's style choices (like her shirt and boots looks). However, Davidson could also just truly love Winnie the Pooh. After all, Pooh is an iconic character that many grew up loving, and not every ink Davidson gets has to be related to Grande.

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Regardless, though, the two new tattoos are proof that the pandemonium surrounding the couple certainly hasn't died down despite their engagement happening a few months ago. Fans of both Grande and Davidson seem to love sussing out their secret messages to one another.

A few months ago, Grande got her own ink on her finger that had fans curious about its meaning. The tiny new finger tattoo was unclear in pictures, but many believed the new piece read "Pete."

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The world may never actually know if Pete Davidson's new pig and Pooh tattoos are related to Ariana Grande. Even if mean nothing to the rest of the world, they probably mean something to Davidson, and that's all that actually matters.