Peter Kraus From 'Bachelorette' Vs. Peter Krause The Actor

Paul Hebert/ABC

When Peter Kraus entered The Bachelorette scene, he was immediately a frontrunner. And thanks to his notable presence, you may have realized fairly quickly that The Bachelorette's Peter shares a name with the actor Peter Krause. While the only difference that exists between their names is the "e" on the end of the Six Feet Under and Parenthood actor's last name, the men are very different people — even if they do come from neighboring states (Kraus from Wisconsin and Krause from Minnesota). So the only reasonable thing for a TV lover to do is to compare and contrast Peter Kraus with Peter Krause to get to the bottom of who is the better television icon.

Before going on this journey of lighthearted competition, it's important to remember that Krause has been an established actor for years. While he's done film work, like in The Truman Show, he's mostly known for his time on TV and he was in some great '90s shows — like Seinfeld; Beverly Hills, 90210; Party of Five; 3rd Rock from the Sun; and Cybill — while becoming a household name. The Bachelorette contestant may have been a model, but the reality show is the only time he has been on TV. But Kraus has an advantage in another way — by currently being on one of the best seasons of The Bachelorette. Sure, he has Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay to thank for making this season so damn good, but him being a standout on the show is a mark of his own star power.

So as you wait to see if Peter Kraus is engaged to Rachel at the end of The Bachelorette, here's how he stacks up against the other Peter Krause.

Better TV Show: Krause


If you're talking about some pure, simple entertainment, The Bachelor franchise has you covered. But if you're more into prestigious dramas, Krause's career is where it's at. From Sports Night to Six Feet Under to Parenthood, Krause has been in some quality TV shows. And if you don't agree with my call, I will gently point you in the direction of Krause's three Emmy nominations for his work as Nate Fisher on HBO's Six Feet Under.

Success On ABC: Kraus

Bob Leverone/ABC

Yet, let's not disregard Kraus' contributions to the TV world — particularly when it comes to ABC's biggest franchise. The Bachelor and its spinoffs have had more success than any of Krause's ABC series, which all had short lives. Sports Night, Dirty Sexy Money, and — his most recent series — The Catch were all canceled after only two seasons on ABC. By contrast, The Bachelorette is on Season 13 and if Kraus doesn't end being engaged to Rachel by the end of it, he could find life on another version of the franchise — whether that's on Bachelor in Paradise or as the next Bachelor.

Rap Skills: Draw

I've never heard Krause rap, but I can't imagine that it would be much better than Kraus' attempt at freestyling during the June 19 episode. A for effort (I guess?), but I'm calling this one a draw.

Time With Ellen DeGeneres: Kraus

Back in the day, Krause was on an episode of Ellen DeGeneres' sitcom Ellen. He played Tim, a younger guy that Ellen tried dating. For The Bachelorette, a few of the suitors joined Rachel on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Even if you ignore that Krause's storyline on Ellen was before she was out, Kraus wins this round for stripping down and dancing for the talk show's audience.

Who's In It For The Right Reasons: Krause

To be fair, Krause is always portraying a character when he's on TV, so viewers don't really know his personal life, but knowing that Kraus has wanted to be on The Bachelor since high school definitely makes you question his motives. With that in mind, I have to say that Krause's desire to be an actor is more legit than Kraus' desire to be on TV.

Dreaminess Factor: Kraus

Not to get too superficial with this — hey, I am creating a pretty ridiculous list about two people who only share a name — but I've gotta talk about their sex appeal. I've harbored a low-key crush on Krause since he starred opposite another crush of mine, Josh Charles, on Sports Night. But there's no denying that Kraus has got Krause beat on the tall, dark, and handsome front. Beyond being a personal trainer and a model, he has the amazing ability to make a plaid jacket look sexy.

Steaminess Factor: Krause

Although Kraus and Rachel have chemistry on The Bachelorette — as was shown with them in the hot tub during the June 26 episode (even though Rachel burned him by not giving him the date rose) — Krause has fully committed to sex scenes over the years. As seen in the above video, he filmed sex scenes for The Catch and he most certainly got around on Six Feet Under — even getting partially naked.

Significant Other: Tie

David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Krause has been in a committed relationship with Lauren Graham — Lorelai freakin' Gilmore. Kraus is one of the many men dating Rachel — the best Bachelorette ever. I love both of these women too much to make a call here.

Chance Of Long-Lasting Love: Krause

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While I won't pick between Lauren Graham and Rachel Lindsay, what I can say is that Krause and Graham seem to have a better chance at maintaining a stable, long-lasting relationship since they didn't meet on a reality TV show. Sure, Krause and Graham did meet on a TV show too — Caroline in the City, as E! reported — and later starred together on Parenthood, but their pretty private relationship has been working for them for more than seven years. As Bachelorette fans don't even know if Kraus will end up with Rachel, Krause wins the relationship round.

The Winner: Krause

My quality TV-loving self may be biased, but Krause has a proven track record of acting success that has made him a TV staple for years. While Kraus may stay in the limelight for his time on The Bachelorette — especially if he's engaged to Rachel or becomes the Bachelor — Krause has been making a name for himself for over two decades. So even if Kraus wins The Bachelorette, Krause — the actor — is the winner of this battle as he's the Peter who has continuously made the bigger impact on TV. But no hard feelings, you guys — you're both stars in the eyes of TV lovers everywhere.