Every Ridiculously Corny Flight Pun From Peter’s 'Bachelor' Premiere

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Hopefully Bachelor Nation had their tray tables up and their seats in the upright position before Pilot Pete began his journey for love, because the Bachelor premiere was full of flight puns. From Chris Harrison's signature corny narration to a first night full of airplanes — both real and paper — to a Top Gun-themed group date that would make Tom Cruise proud, the Season 17 premiere wanted to make sure that everyone watching at home knew that Peter is a pilot.

"I'm in the captain's chair now," Peter said at the very beginning of the three-hour premiere, before things — ahem — took off between him and the 30 eligible women competing for his final rose. And that was just the beginning of all of the cheesy, flight-related puns that populated the extra-long premiere episode. Ultimately, the flight jokes came in for a landing after the end of the first group date, in order to make room for the never-ending references to Peter and Hannah Brown's infamous windmill date.

But if, for some reason, you'd like to relive all of this secondhand embarrassment, here's a roundup of every pun.

"Put your tray tables up and your seats in the upright position, because Peter’s journey is about to take flight." — Chris Harrison

Obviously, everyone's favorite reality TV show host had to kick off this special event with a joke about Peter's high-flying profession.

"Maybe we’ll expect some turbulence along the way, but i’m at the controls and I just have to find my co-pilot and we’ll be sailing off into the sunset." — Peter

Don't be surprised if Bachelor super fan Charlize Theron shares her approval for this excellent pun from Pilot Pete himself.

"All of the girls have planned such big and over-the-top entrances, but since I’m a flight attendant, I figured I’d just wing it." — Eunice

There were plenty of ladies who made their grand entrances flight-themed, but only flight attendant Eunice decided to show Peter that she had earned her wings — literally, thanks to the giant pair of angel wings she wore out of the limo.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard flight 143 with direct service to Peter’s heart. My name is Megan and I’ll be your purser this evening." — Megan

Megan didn't make it past the first rose ceremony, but she did manage to make a big impression by kicking off the night with a flight-attended style announcement about who she was and why she was there.

"Apparently everyone and their mother is a flight attendant, but I’m not worried. I’m here for the 'flight reasons.'" — Eunice

Eunice was a little upset that she wasn't the only flight attendant in the Bachelor Mansion, but in her anger, she was able to come up with a pun that will likely crop up quite a few more times this season.

"I’ve successfully landed my plane, so hopefully, all that’s left to do is land your heart." — Madison

Auburn native Madison rode onto the show on a giant paper airplane, and doubled down with a very excellent pun that landed her square at the top of Peter's list.

"I’ve made it to my final destination." — Kiarra

Airline-themed entrances truly were the biggest trend of Peter's premiere episode.

"You get one first impression and I don’t think it could have started any better to be honest. It just really got me excited and hopeful for this whole journey to take off." — Peter

Shortly after the first rose ceremony, Peter made the ultimate airline pun while literally washing down airplanes at the air field he learned to fly on.

"I got a need — a need for Peter." — Hannah Ann

In the middle of the Top Gun-themed group date, First Impression Rose winner Hannah Ann declared herself the Maverick to Peter's Goose.

The infamous windmill might end up with more airtime over the course of Peter's Bachelor season, but Pilot Pete's love of flying will likely continue to play a big role in the upcoming episodes — and Harrison's voiceover jokes.