Fans Are Pressuring Kylie After Khloé's Baby Announcement & It's Totally Unfair

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; addison_ballard/Twitter

After a few months of speculation, Khloé Kardashian confirmed her pregnancy in an Instagram post on Wednesday, Dec. 20. Khloé shared a sweet photo of her baby bump, along with an emotional caption. Now, fans are pressuring Kylie Jenner to reveal her own pregnancy, but they're definitely missing the point. As Khloé points out in her own announcement, she waited until the time was right for her. If the baby rumors surrounding Kylie are true, it's 100 percent her prerogative to share the good news when she is ready — not on the internet's timeline. Or anyone else's, for that matter.

Kylie's been the subject of baby rumors since September, when news first spread that she's reportedly expecting her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott. While she's seemingly dropped hints along the way (be it blue and pink phone cases, or a pink Christmas tree), she has not actually confirmed anything one way or the other. And given the fact that she controls her public persona on social media, that seems undeniably intentional.

The same was true for Khloé up until Wednesday's big announcement. Sure, she recently posted a Snapchat where fans thought they spotted a pregnancy pillow, but she didn't make things official until now. In the post, Khloé wrote,

"I know we've been keeping this quiet but we wanted to enjoy this between our family and close friends as long as we could privately. To enjoy our first precious moments just us ❤ Thank you all for understanding."

That very sentence is exactly why, if Kylie is pregnant, it's important to respect her timeline, no matter how much Twitter is rooting for a double announcement. (Or triple, if you count Kim Kardashian's third baby that's on the way via surrogate.) Seriously, fans are really pushing for some sort of Kylie-related confirmation and they want it ASAP.

Sure, you could argue that those fans are clearly joking. Given their choice of GIFs, it's incredibly likely the tweets were intended with a sense of humor. But still, it's not all that fair to force an announcement out of someone before they are actually ready. Ultimately, it's Kylie's body, and therefore, it's her decision when (or if) to share information about it publicly. This is further proven by the only time Kylie seemingly acknowledged the baby rumors.

Back in November, she called out paparazzi for sharing a clearly edited photo of her, where it sure seemed like they were trying to make a baby bump appear beneath her t-shirt. Kylie acknowledged the absurdity and tweeted,

"First of all if you’re going to photoshop my photos blogs/paps!! Check for the crooked lines in the background.2nd photo is clearly altered"

The photos have since been deleted, but that message was not forgotten. She knows when to stand up for herself.

Beyond that one tweet, Kylie doesn't seem to be giving much energy to responding to the slew of tweets pouring in; nor should she. Still, it's pretty frustrating that after Khloé's baby announcement was posted, people barely took a minute to even let it sink in or enjoy it — instead, the focus shifted to the youngest sibling in the Kardashian-Jenner crew. It's definitely unfair to compare the two or place more expectations on Kylie, just because Khloé shared her own news.

An ongoing rumor is that Kylie may confirm her pregnancy on Christmas through a snapshot on the family's annual holiday card. As Kardashian-Jenner fans already know, they're revealing photos on a daily basis this December, but Kylie has been notably absent from the bunch, which has included everyone from Kanye West to Kourtney Kardashian to their grandma, M.J.

If Kylie does decide to reveal any news about a pregnancy during the holiday, that's fantastic. But if she doesn't that's equally OK. At the end of the day, she doesn't owe anyone anything — no matter how much people on the internet think they know about her.