We Asked Psychics To Predict The End Of 'GoT' & What They Said Is Actually Pretty Convincing

Courtesy of HBO

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock (or, you know, happened to be an unlucky citizen of King's Landing and have since been blown to smithereens by dragon fire at the hands of the new "Mad Queen" Daenerys), then you're probably looking forward to (or at least existing in some state of awareness of) HBO's Game Of Thrones finale episode that airs on Sunday, May 19.

The show's eighth and final season has brought plot twists and drama galore. We watched Jon's true lineage as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne come into the main characters' awareness. We watched Arya slay the Night King after an intense but surprisingly un-devastating battle against the Army of the Dead. And of course, we watched Dany devolve into the so-called "Mad Queen," who recklessly burnt innocent people in King's Landing to death without abandon. Sigh.

Now we're down to one, single, measly, tiny, final EVER GoT episode — so what can we fans expect? Well, you could just be patient and wait to find out (nope). You could read internet fan theory after fan theory until your face turns blue (already done). Or, you can do what I'm doing and consult the occult.

A while back, I pulled the zodiac chart for Game Of Thrones and had astrologers weigh in on what it meant. I also looked at the significance of the full moons taking place during the Game Of Thrones premiere and finale. Tarot readers have also weighed in with their Game Of Thrones predictions, based on interpretations of the cards. Naturally, as the witch that I am and the GoT fan that I am, I wanted to continue down the magic path — so I had some psychics predict the ending of Game Of Thrones to see if their clairvoyant insight could help to tide us over until Sunday evening's happenings.

Here's what they had to say:

Dany's Done For

Ugh, so Daenerys decidedly did not have a best showing during the penultimate episode, and I have a feeling she pissed off a lot of her former allies. That said, she does still have a (single) dragon, so she's definitely a force to be reckoned with. Is she going down or taking the crown?

Tarot reader, psychic, and astrologer Blue June spoke with Bustle and gave us her psychic read on the final episode, and it's not looking cute for Dany. "Big decisions have big repercussions for The Mother of Dragons this week, most likely punished by her own hand. The last of the Targaryen will fall," she predicts. Ugh, yeah. "We will see the rest of our beloved characters happy in the end however, in this final episode to the series. The system of royalty will fall to a reluctant ruler." Reluctant ruler, eh? Perhaps that's the ever-humble J. Snow? He's about as reluctant as they come, given the throne is rightfully his and he still doesn't covet it.

Or Wait, Maybe Dany Wins?!

OK, so like I said, Dany's got some resources that might just allow her to skirt around an execution and continue her reign as a now-"Mad Queen" using brute dragon force.

Bustle spoke to psychic medium Pat 58 of, who had a possibly alternate intuitive read on the subject. “I feel a woman will take a seat of power," she shares. "This woman is evil, very similar to the evil queens from the fairytales we’ve all read about." Game Of Thrones has done a decent job of showing the humanity and complexity of most of their characters — and the only character that I would easily categorize as "evil" might be Cersei, who's gone now. But unfortunately, Dany's moral compass has taken some dark twists over the past episode or two, and many people may not hesitate to throw her into the villain category at this point, too. Is she going to end up with the power she so desires?

Well, let's not jump to conclusions. "[I]t’s going to be a very surprising ending," continued Pat. Dany has been seeking the throne through the whole series, so another take on Pat's intuition could look like Sansa taking power. While I personally wouldn't call her evil, I will admit that she's pretty morally ambiguous and out for herself most of the time (too much time spent with Littlefinger, I suppose). Which leads us to the possibility of...

Team Sansa!

I know Sansa was kickin' back in Winterfell during the absolute destruction of King's Landing, but she's not to be forgotten. The power-hungry Lady of Winterfell is cool, calm, and calculated behind the scenes — and we know we haven't seen the last of her.

Bustle spoke with professional witch and Tarot reader Shawn Engel of Witchy Wisdoms, who shared her intuitive read on Sunday's showdown, and she's got Sansa on the radar. "Sansa Stark has had a complete Scorpio glow up and deserves the throne," says Engel. "While she is very just and probably a Libra sun, I’m convinced she has a Scorpio Moon." I'm actually super down with this read. Sansa craves power and can be vindictive, but a possible Libra sun smooths over her calculated, overly-passionate edges and helps her come off as more diplomatic and detached. "As the only level headed character in the show as it stands, her many evolutions have created a ruler," continues Engel. "Whether it’s in the North or the Seven Kingdoms, her many experiences have strengthened her instead of ruining her, much like we see with Daenerys." Sansa for the throne? Only time will tell.