Nick Viall Has Dated Many 'Bachelor' Stars


For his fourth time on the reality TV franchise, Nick Viall is going to add 30 new women into his Bachelor dating mix. However, if you're not familiar with Nick's past — or are just hazy on the details — you may be wondering how many Bachelor contestants Nick has dated. Before being named the Bachelor for Season 21, he was on two seasons of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. So even before he became the Bachelor — with women competing to date him — he still had dated more Bachelor contestants than many other people from Bachelor Nation.

With Nick's long Bachelor history, I figured I may find some rumors about him dating a fellow Bachelor alum while not on the TV series. After all, as Bachelor in Paradise showed, Nick has a close relationship with twins Emily and Haley and has been friendly with Ashley I. for some time. Yet, those appear to be strictly friendships and I didn't discover any details about whether or not Nick has dated Bachelor stars off camera. However, the people he has officially dated while on the ABC franchise is common and accessible knowledge for fans, thanks to the magic of reality TV.

So before you embark on Nick's fourth chance at Bachelor love, take a trip down memory lane of Nick's previously unsuccessful romances. And wish him luck when his Bachelor season premieres on Monday, Jan. 2.

Andi Dorfman

Rick Rowell/ABC

Nick's first go at Bachelor love was in Season 10 of The Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman. He made it to the final two and said he was ready to propose to her, but Andi went to his hotel room before he had the chance to pick out an engagement ring and ended it since she knew she'd be choosing Josh Murray. (More on him in a bit.) Two years later, Andi wrote about their relationship in her book and she wasn't exactly kind in her characterization of him. But these days the pair seems to have mended fences since Nick told ET that Andi sent him "a very gracious text" wishing him luck on his season.

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Rick Rowell/ABC

During the next season of The Bachelorette, Nick wasn't there from the start. Yet, he had showed an interest in Kaitlyn through Twitter after she had been on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor. (Nick and Chris were on Andi's season of The Bachelorette together.) While Nick and Kaitlyn had chatted, they had never met in person until Nick ended up crashing a group date during her season. Kaitlyn asked him to stay on for the season and the pair notably had sex before the Fantasy Suite. However, she stopped Nick from proposing during the Final Rose and is still engaged to Shawn Booth. These events gave Nick the unenviable title of two-time Bachelorette runner-up.

Leah Block

Rick Rowell/ABC

Saying that Nick dated Leah the troublemaker from Ben's season of The Bachelorette is a stretch, but they did technically go on a date, so she gets an honorable mention. On Bachelor in Paradise, she showed up on the second day and wanted to take the infamous Chad out on a date. Yet, he had already been forced to leave the show, so she asked Nick instead. While on the date, they shared a kiss, but Nick was not feeling it. He didn't give her a rose at the rose ceremony and Leah's time on Bachelor in Paradise was over before it really began.

Amanda Stanton

Rick Rowell/ABC

This is another one that barely counts, but it must be included for a full historical account of the drama. On Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, Nick first became interested in Amanda from Ben's season of The Bachelor. Nick went on a date with Amanda after his date with Leah and gave Amanda his rose, but once Josh showed up, anything between Nick and her was over since she only had eyes for Josh. Of course, the show milked Nick and Josh competing for the same woman again for all it was worth, but Amanda and Nick had only been on one date. Amanda and Josh ended up engaged by the end of Bachelor in Paradise, but it's rumored that the pair has recently broken up.

Jen Saviano

Rick Rowell/ABC

Jen, also from Ben's season, showed up to Paradise a bit later and asked Nick on a date. While the two cared for each other — with Nick even picking out a ring — fans knew it wouldn't last since he was already announced as the Bachelor before the final Bachelor in Paradise episode aired. This time around, Nick was the one to do the rejecting though since he wasn't ready to propose and the pair broke up.

Now, Nick has 30 more women to choose from on The Bachelor, which will make his grand total 35 — and you know what they say, 35th time is the charm!