You Can’t Blame Rachel For Not Wanting To See These 3 ‘Bachelorette’ Guys Again

Paul Hebert/ABC

When Rachel Lindsay and whoever won the current season of The Bachelorette tie the knot (no spoilers, please and thank you), there are at least three Season 13 contestants who probably shouldn’t expect an invite to the reception. After the Men Tell All taping wrapped, Entertainment Tonight asked Lindsay which contestants she’d be more than OK with never seeing again, and her answer is the opposite of a twist. At first, the Bachelorette played it coy, laughing, “I mean, I think that’s pretty obvious.” But then, because Lindsay is the greatest of all time, she named names:

“Lee, DeMario… Should I put my fingers out and keep counting? I’m just kidding. Lee and DeMario. Lucas. Let’s slide him in there, too.”

Given the way things played out both on and off the show this season, it isn’t a surprise Lindsay isn’t a fan of these three dudes. She’s done with Lee Garrett’s ignorance and all of the conflict he created while staying in the Bachelor Mansion. She’s through with Jackson trying to explain away the woman who showed up unannounced and said she was his girlfriend. And she’s over Yancey and his whole Whaboom schtick.

The only guy missing from this list is Adam Jr., the freaky doll that snuck into the background of several scenes like something out of a Conjuring movie.

Wait, you're right. That was a harsh thing to say. Not only is Adam Jr. nothing like Annabelle, he does not belong on Lindsay's list. As unnerving as Adam Jr.’s expressionless mug is, he really was a harmless, albeit bizarre source of comic relief. A recurring bit that brought some levity to what was, at times, an intense season. Adam Gottschalk’s sidekick might’ve been The Bachelorette hero we never saw coming.