What We Need From Rachel's 'Bach' Contestants

Randy Holmes/ABC

Even though Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor isn't officially over just yet, it's OK to be looking forward to Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette. As it starts filming this month and premieres on May 22, I'm incredibly curious to see who Rachel's contestants on The Bachelorette will be. ABC hasn't made an announcement, but in anticipation of Nick choosing either Raven or Vanessa during the March 13 Bachelor finale, I'm already starting to think about the type of men that I want to see Rachel picking from when it's her turn to hand out roses.

I'll come out and say that I like Nick and would take another season of him being the Bachelor over having to watch a season with someone as boring as Ben Higgins ever again. But beyond Nick's personality, one of the reasons I have liked Nick's season of The Bachelor so much is because of his contestants. Nick's contestants on The Bachelor were accomplished, intelligent, and opinionated women. During The Women Tell All on March 6, I realized just how great these women are, especially since — excluding the Corinne and Taylor drama — most of them seemed to support one another. Because of the excellent casting for Nick's season (which I do think is a reflection of him as a person), I have high hopes for Rachel's contestants on her season of The Bachelorette since she seems like an awesome person too.

As I wish only the best for Rachel, here is my wish list for her contestants, which will hopefully give her the best chance at finding love at the end of her Bachelorette season.

More Diversity

As the first black Bachelorette or Bachelor, Rachel's season will probably inevitably have more racial diversity. While it shouldn't matter what color skin the person she falls in love with has, Bachelor Nation is long overdue to have more people of color involved in its franchise and this is a good opportunity since Rachel has said she's dated both black and white men.

Older Men

With Nick being 36, I had wanted The Bachelor to cast more women who were 30 or older. That didn't really happen — with the exceptions of Rachel, Danielle M., and Lauren (who?) — so, I'd like to see The Bachelorette give Rachel some men who are her age or older and who understand the joys of staying in on a weekend to vacuum every now and then.

Younger Men

On the topic of age though, I'm not OK with the fact that The Bachelor franchise seems to perpetuate that idea that older men should date younger women, so in the spirit of fairness, Rachel should have some younger men to choose from. After all, Raven is only 25 and she made Nick's final two and Rachel deserves her own Corinne, questionable emotional maturity and all.

Some Nerdy Guys

Anyone who drops a Narnia reference is good in my book, so Rachel deserves a guy who would love her for her literary references and could make a few totally endearing, nerdy references of his own.

No Previous Contestants

Luke Pell from JoJo's season told People to, "Sign me up!" for a date with Rachel, but I'm all about giving new people a chance at finding love on The Bachelorette (especially since I found Luke kind of dull). I'm hoping that Rachel gets all new additions to Bachelor Nation to keep things interesting.

More Professionals

Beyond Rachel being beautiful and well-spoken, I think one of the reasons that she received the First Impression rose from Nick was because she has an impressive career. I enjoyed that most of the women on Nick's season of The Bachelor had genuine careers (sorry, but "Twin" doesn't count as a profession) and Rachel's season will surely benefit from more professionals.

Men Who Seriously Want A Family

Rachel has made it clear since it was announced that she is the Bachelorette that she wants to start a family. Hopefully, the casting directors are listening and give Rachel some men who truly want to settle down.

John Mayer

When Rachel appeared on the Feb. 24 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, John Mayer was also on the show. In the above Instagram post, Rachel wrote: "Omg I had two bucket list moments today...meeting Ellen on @theellenshow and @johnmayer" followed by the hashtag "#itoldhimtoapply." While the musician rejected DeGeneres' idea that he should be the next Bachelor, maybe he'd be down to be a contestant? Just sayin', it would make for some great music later.

As Rachel is so deserving of finding love, I only ask that whoever is on her season of The Bachelorette be as amazing as her. However, thinking about what a fabulous person Rachel is, I know that's a very big ask.