Nick Jonas' Engagement To Priyanka Chopra Has Fans Mourning Their JoBro Dreams

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With the news that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are engaged, the summer of 2018 has officially become the summer of young love. The couple joins Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in the speedy proposal department. So it's unsurprising that Twitter reactions to Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's engagement show that the internet is having a hard time keeping up with yet another whirlwind romance. And since Jonas was a major heartthrob for preteens in the 2000s and even in the 2010s, many people are hilariously saying that their own dreams of marrying Nick Jonas have been dashed.

Although people first started speculating about a budding romance when Jonas and Chopra attended the 2017 Met Gala together, it wasn't reportedly until May 2018 the 25-year-old singer and 36-year-old actor were dating. But if the summer of 2018 has taught pop culture lovers anything, it's that new romances can't wait. People reported that Jonas proposed to Chopra on her birthday, July 18, after only two months of dating. Bustle has reached out to their representatives for comment and the couple has yet to officially confirm the news. However, director Ali Abbas Zafar certainly added to the engagement rumors when he tweeted that Chopra would no longer be a part of the movie Bharat for a "very very special" reason. "She told us in the Nick of time about her decision and we are very happy for her," Zafar wrote.

Chopra might not have been a child star like her reported fiancé, but she has her own fair share of fans since she's a Bollywood star who successfully crossed over to the U.S. market with her show Quantico. Not to mention the Indian singer, actor, advocate, and friend of Meghan Markle won the title of Miss Universe in 2000. Yet, many of the reactions on Twitter are focused on the loss of Jonas in the dating pool. The Jonas Brothers fandom runs deep and the reactions are compounded by the fact that Joe Jonas has been engaged to Sophie Turner of Game Of Thrones for almost a year. Add that to Bieber's recent engagement and fans of mid-2000s Disney heartthrobs just can't help but lament that their preteen crush is off the market. It's all too much for fans who grew up memorizing every lyric to every Jonas Brothers song.

RIP Disney Channel Couples

Many fans are mourning the decisive end of mid-to-late 2000s Disney Channel couples. And with Bieber not marrying Selena Gomez, Joe not marrying Demi Lovato, and Jonas not marrying Miley Cyrus, childhoods have been ruined. (Speaking of Lovato, both Jonas and Chopra tweeted messages of support to her after the singer's reported overdose.)

Hope He’s Introduced Himself ‘Camp Rock’ Style

In Camp Rock 2, Jonas serenaded his love interest Dana with the song, "Introducing Me." It was full of quirky lyrics, like that he's not a huge fan of cheese, so Chopra better know this side of him if they're going to get married. Hopefully, Jonas will be down to try the utterly delicious cheese of paneer.

Your 13-Year-Old Self Is Crying

First Bieber, now Jonas? Yep, your 13-year-old self is definitely crying in her bedroom.

... And So Is Your 7-Year-Old Self

Some people have loved Jonas even before puberty hit.

‘Tiger Beat’ Lied

Did you think you were supposed to marry Jonas? Blame Tiger Beat and those other teen magazines that sold that lie to you.

At Least We Still Have One Direction

The only reason some people are able to handle this engagement news is because no one from One Direction is engaged ... yet.

People Are “Jealous”

Many tweets feature fans asking Alexa to play a song by Jonas that describes their current feelings. *Listens to "Jealous" on repeat.*

Who Cares If You Didn’t Actually Stand A Chance?

Don't let the haters rain on your self-pity parade. You need time to process.

“Wedding Bells” Is Playing On Repeat

The Jonas Brothers' song "Wedding Bells" may have been about Cyrus, but now it's your song about Jonas.

RIP Your Nick Jonas Dreams

Fans are in mourning.

But You Can’t Blame Him

But even if you're sad, part of you has to be happy for Jonas since Chopra is a pretty phenomenal woman.

People who grew up loving the Jonas Brothers are taking time to cry about how they will never get to married Jonas. But once that initial feeling passes, they should move on to being happy that he's found lasting love with Chopra.