Reese's Just Launched An Advent Calendar On Amazon That All Candy Lovers Need, Stat

In the long list of things under the umbrella of "adulthood is a scam," not being able to trick-or-treat for Reese's on Halloween night is pretty high. But now, at least, there is a delicious alternative just weeks away — Reese's has an advent calendar full of 24 days worth of your favorite candy, and you can buy it with one-click ordering on Amazon. Kind of makes it look like those costumed kids out there in the cold begging for free candy from strangers are the real chumps, huh?

Like most candy advent calendars, the Reese's one features 24 days scattered throughout, with perforated openings that you can open and find little treats in. If you're worried it's just 24 straight days of Reese's — which, not to knock Reese's, might be a tad boring — the calendar actually has a variety of Mini Reese's Cups and Reese's Pieces. The back even comes complete with a word search, so you can go full '90s kid in your body and your brain when you eat them.

Plus, you can order it Prime — not that you necessarily need it, seeing as you've still got a bit of time before advent calendar season kicks off, but it's always best to make sure everything is raring to go. I personally will be juggling an advent calendar for jam, cheese, AND socks this year, so organization is key.

If you're a person who's ridiculously into Reese's, then you have other delicious holiday things in store: Reese's Santa's Helpers will hit Target stores, and Reese's Christmas Trees will soon be available nationwide (the second-best Reese's shape, second only to the slightly questionable but delicious oblong that is the Pumpkin one).

Hershey's also just confirmed that the rumors about Reese's Thins hitting shelves in 2019 are very much true, and will be approximately 40 percent less thick than an ordinary Reese's. While I do have some eyebrows to raise at any situation where I end up with less candy, I have to admit that this does make them the ideal size for s'mores, and for shoving into grilled Fluffernutter sandwiches, if those happen to the journeys you decide to take yourself on in the new year.

If you're having trouble envisioning Reese's Thins, here is a picture of it chilling with its fellow Reese's brethren, from the Baby Reese's to the Big Daddy Reese's.


And if you're good on Reese's but still looking for quirky ways to celebrate advent calendar season, you're in no shortage of options — there are a ton of awesome advent calendars for grownups this year, from Target's sock advent calendars, to Vinebox's 12 Nights Of Wine calendar, to Sugarfina's first-ever candy advent calendar. This is truly a year to choose-your-own adventure, advent calendar-wise, be it a delicious one, a boozey one, a nerdy one, or — if you're me — all three. Just remember to advent responsibly, y'all — and make sure to order them before they're sold out!