Rose McIver's 'iZombie' Costar Live-Tweeted 'A Christmas Prince' & Wow, It's So Great

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Netflix; RahulKohli13/Twitter

'Tis the season to be both jolly and super supportive, apparently. And iZombie's Rahul Kohli is showing everyone just how it's done. The London native took to Twitter to live-tweet his iZombie costar Rose McIver's A Christmas Prince on Thursday, and it was the most endearing thing ever.

Released on Netflix just before the Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 17, A Christmas Prince tells the story of an ambitious reporter's quest to find out the truth about a royal prince from Aldovia, a fictional European country. McIver, who stars in iZombie as a medical student turned undercover zombie posing as a psychic named Liv, plays the role of the reporter named Amber. And similar to every other cheesy rom-com plot, McIver's Christmas Prince character becomes absolutely smitten by the very person she was sent to expose, and in the end, has to make a major decision that could potentially change the trajectory of her life and career.

Netflix's A Christmas Prince has the makings of the very Hallmark holiday classics folks obsess over, and fans can't help but sing its praises. After taking a gander for himself, Kohli can totally be added to that list too. And his tweets, most of which contain spoilers, will definitely make skeptics of the holiday film want to check it out, too.

McIver and Kohli are pretty close, seeing as they've been costarring in the same show since 2015. Kohli stars on the CW show as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, and his character serves as the best friend and key confidant to McIver's Liv. And while gushing over McIver's new role wasn't exactly out of the ordinary from him, witnessing just how much Kohli adores his iZombie castmate was heartwarming, to say the least.

Straight out the gate, Kohli made it a point to hilariously condemn Prince Richard's rudeness to Amber, aka McIver, aka Liv. The British have a reputation for being polite, and Kohli wasn't going to just sit back and let the fictional royal ruin that.

And don't worry: When it came to letting his fans know just what he thinks about Americans, the British actor didn't hold back on that either.

But most importantly, Kohli is also here to let fans in on a little secret about his iZombie costar, too. And it has everything to do with the movie downplaying her archery skills just a tad.

Kohli is clearly into McIver's film, but he doesn't want his pal to get too close to any of her A Christmas Prince costars. And who else senses some jealousy undertones within the iZombie actor's tweets?

Needless to say, if Kohli wasn't in the holiday spirit before, he is now after watching McIver's Christmas film. From Kohli's hilarious tweets, it's safe to say the actor thoroughly enjoyed the holiday flick. But in the end, the best part about the event for Kohli was getting to spend some quality time with his family.

If you haven't had a chance to get into the awesomeness that is A Christmas Prince yet, it wouldn't hurt to carve out a little time to check it out. Even if you caught Kohli's live-tweeting session and witnessed a lot of the spoilers secondhand, you'll still be able to enjoy it. Taking a page out of Kohli's book, indulging in the holiday-themed film will not only fill your heart with laughter, but it could also make for an awesome opportunity to get some much-needed quality time with your loved ones.

You can always look to cheesy Christmas flicks to help lighten up the mood. And hopefully, witnessing Kohli's amazing support to his iZombie costar will inspire others to do the same. The world could definitely use a little more love floating around.