Ryan Reynolds Napkin Face Instagram Photo Will Make 'The Holiday' Fans So Nostalgic

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Prepare to be hit by a major case of romantic comedy nostalgia. On Monday, Ryan Reynolds' napkin face Instagram photo inadvertently reminded people of an adorable scene from the 2006 film The Holiday, as reported by E! Online. While the Deadpool star's goal was to make a joke about his Green Lantern role and the use of CGI in superhero films, it didn't take long for Instagram users to notice the photo bore a striking resemblance to Jude Law's Mr. Napkin Head.

In The Holiday, Law's single dad character, Graham, puts a napkin and glasses on his face to create a character his daughters call, Mr. Napkin Head. Yes, it sounds strange, but it's ridiculously charming. The first time Cameron Diaz's Amanda meets Graham's daughters, they urge him to show her his napkin-faced alter ego, which leads to a sweet scene that basically convinces Amanda that he's the best guy she's ever met. (Spoiler alert: he totally is.)

As for Reynolds, well, he appears to have stumbled into this movie reference by accident. He captioned his wonderfully silly photo,

"Early prototype for the Green Lantern mask. People could tell it was an old tissue, so we went with a CGI version."

While he clearly wasn't going for a Law vibe, the picture could easily be from a rebooted version of the holiday classic. In fact, some Instagram users have dubbed the actor the new Mr. Napkin Head. Someone should alert Law, because he may need to defend his title if this keeps up.

It's unclear whether or not Reynolds has seen The Holiday himself — although he really should because it's a rom-com masterpiece — but seeing him pop a napkin on his face for an Instagram photo isn't too surprising. After all, he and his wife, Blake Lively, love a good joke, and they've proven to be masters of the art of cracking wise on the internet. As his role in Deadpool proves, the man is a hilarious actor, and his sense of humor extends beyond the screen.

What makes the whole Mr. Napkin Head incident even funnier is that like Law's The Holiday character, Reynolds also has two daughters — Ines and James. If he wasn't doing Mr. Napkin Head for them before, then he definitely should now. And if the world is really lucky, then Lively will document it for the internet, because that's something everyone surely wants to see.

For the time being, it seems Reynolds' fans are enjoying the unexpected The Holiday feelings his photo stirred up. One Instagram user wrote, "Isn't this Mr Napkin head from The Holiday...?! Hehe good look on you too!" And another user chimed in, "@vancityreynolds thought you were trying to recreate Jude Law's "Mr. Napkin-head" from The Holiday. Lol." Then one commenter asked the most pressing question of the day: "Reminds me of Mr. Napkin Head from The Holiday. Hmmmm... who wore it better?"

That may be an impossible question to answer, but for comparison's sake, check out Law rocking the original Mr. Napkin Head look in The Holiday in the clip below.

This one's too close to call, but Law's napkin is clearly made of sturdier stuff than Reynolds'. If Reynolds is going to truly challenge The Holiday star's claim to the Mr. Napkin Head throne, then he needs to upgrade to cloth. In the meantime, the internet should thank The Proposal actor for reminding them of the sweet rom-com scene, especially since The Holiday is most often watched during the actual holiday season.

If you're now craving a re-watch of The Holiday thanks to the nostalgia-inspiring Instagram photo, then you should go for it. As Reynolds accidentally illustrated, every season is Mr. Napkin Head season.