Sarah J. Maas Just Revealed The Cover For Her Next Book

The sixth book in the best-selling Throne of Glass series is almost here, y'all. I know September seems like a lifetime away, but now that author Sarah J. Maas has revealed the cover for Tower of Dawn on her Instagram account, we can all appreciate its beauty while we wait.

Beginning in 2012 with Throne of Glass, Maas' series centers on Celaena, an imprisoned assassin who is given a shot at freedom when Crown Prince Dorian names her as his choice for the next court assassin. Celaena's adventures have only just begun in Throne of Glass, as Maas' fans know, but I won't reveal too much of her story here.

Tower of Dawn does not focus on the series' heroine, but on Chaol Westfall, who has journeyed to another continent to gather support for his allies back home. Bustle readers may remember that this then-untitled book was just a novella when Maas announced it last summer, but Tower of Dawn has since sprawled into nearly 700 pages of young-adult fantasy.

This isn't a direct sequel to the latest Throne of Glass installment, Empire of Storms, nor is it the highly anticipated sixth and final book in the series. Rather, Maas says, her new novel is the second volume of Empire of Storms, and is "a parallel novel that takes place during the events of that book." Throne of Glass' official sixth installment will hit store shelves sometime in Summer 2018.

Are you ready for Tower of Dawn? Pick up Sarah J. Maas' new Chaol Westfall novel on Sep. 5 from your favorite bookstore.