Twitter *Really* Wishes Rumors About A Potential ‘Simple Life’ Reboot Could Be Real

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

First The Hills, now The Simple Life? Before you begin recalibrating your time machine to the early 2000's and slipping into a Juicy sweatsuit, take a pause. Rumors of The Simple Life being rebooted went into overdrive after a verified Twitter account @TheSimpleLife began tweeting on Tuesday, June 25.

The bones of the account, outside of its verified status alone, piqued fan interest. A profile photo of a younger Hilton and Richie on the show was tweeted first with the caption, "#SimpleLife6." The account quickly racked up 13.6k followers over the course of the day. But what really caught the Internet's attention was which three paltry followers it followed: Hilton, Netflix, and Lindsay Lohan. So, people began piecing together a 2019/2020 reboot of the hit reality series starring frenemies Hilton and Lohan on Netflix.(Bustle reached out to Hilton, Lohan, Netflix, Nicole Richie, and Fox for comment, but did not immediately hear back.)

However, dreams of a revival were dashed when the account lost its Twitter verification, followed by a source telling Us Weekly "there is no truth to the rumor that the show is returning." Another source slammed the account's authenticity to Entertainment Weekly.

But in the all-too-brief hours where The Simple Life starring Hilton and Lohan seemed possible, the teases were endless — and "hot." Following the original tweet, the account posted a photo of two bedazzled flip-phones, next a pair of blonde and redhead emojis. In a since-deleted tweet one fan wrote, "Omg Paris and Lindsay!?!? What does this mean?" per Us Weekly. The account retweeted it and responded with the "shh" face emoji.

Hunger for a Paris & LiLo team-up really began to ramp up when the accounted tweeted a photo of the two together alongside the caption, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer," followed with a wink face. The account even went so far as to retweet a recent tweet from Lohan where she shared that she was "Hard At Work" on new music. "Lohan & Hilton #ThemSong," the account declared in its retweet.

As speculation began to turn into suspicion, the account seemingly slowed down. Its last, now-deleted tweet, according to Us Weekly, was "Rumours are the stars are blind." It was a creatively constructed reference to Hilton’s 2006 single, "Stars are Blind" and Lohan's 2004 hit, "Rumors."

In the words of Hilton, the Internet "loves it." Constant nostalgia culture, which helped bring The Hills: New Beginnings into our lives (thank god) along with a litter of other shows, realistically could rebirth The Simple Life. The first three seasons of the 2003 original series, which saw socialites Hilton and Richie navigate normal jobs and lives to hilarious fanfare, aired on Fox before moving to E! for its final two seasons.

All three parties haven't met many reality opportunities they didn't like. Hilton starred on MTV and Oxygen reality shows in the years following Simple Life. (Although she denied rumors she would ever join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alongside Aunt Kyle Richards by saying, "After The Simple Life, like how do you compare to that show?") Richie starred on VH1's Candidly Nicole, while Lohan's recent Beach Club reality show for MTV is up-in-the-air in regards to a second season.

So, with the chips seemingly falling in fans' favor (despite the anonymous source denials), Twitter had a field day:

Not to mention, the conflict between Lohan and Hilton is built-in. The once club-friendly besties have reportedly fallen out recently. On the same ep of Watch What Happens Live that Hilton denied any Real Housewives involvement, she unearthed some Lohan tea. When asked to say three nice things about the former pal, she responded, "She's beyond, lame and embarrassing."

Well, a new Simple Life reboot feels a little like Hilton and Richie learning what a Wal-Mart is: something that seems impossible, but would be super entertaining to watch.