Sophie Turner's 'National Joe Day' IG Post Celebrates Her Fiancé In The Cutest Way

Swan Gallet/WWD/Shutterstock

I feel like, for every day in the calendar, the world seems to have a special 'day.' There's Pizza Day. Wear A Hat Day. Even Squirrel Appreciation Day (Don't believe me? Look it up.) So it wasn't that surprising to find out that there is an actual official Joe Day. A day in celebration of Joes around the world and everything Joe-related. As strange as the day may sound, at least it gave us the chance to celebrate one not-so-average Joe that is part of one of the world's hottest bands RN. Sophie Turner celebrated National Joe Day in the cutest possible way — by recognising her fiancé Joe Jonas.

Turner took to her Instagram account on March 27 (Joe Day) and added the huge event to her Instagram stories. She put up a picture of the singer on a yacht, looking suave AF in sunglasses and puffing on a cigar. She captioned it: "Apparently it's #JoeDay so here's my favourite Joe of them all. My Joe."

OMFG can you deal with the couple goals RN? So flipping cute.

Of course, Jonas' relationship with Turner is not the only one that is total goals. Hell no. The singer is also super close with his family, including his two bandmates / brothers and their other halves.

Instagram/Sophie T

So his sister in law, the unbelievably talented/cool Priyanka Chopra, jumped on that band wagon too, adding a post to her own Instagram stories recognising his greatness. She also called him "bro," which, guys, is so unbelievably cute and shows how tight the family are.

Instagram/Priyanka Chopra

TBH, they don't really need showy posts to demonstrate how much they vibe each other. Especially judging by their recent holiday to Miami. The trip was basically like you and your besties but in flipping Miami, on a yacht, with so so much more money, and Bollinger instead of bottles of beer. Although it's not been confirmed what the gang were in town for, rumour has it that it was to record a new video, as Bustle has previously reported. So the boat trip was a very well deserved day off.

I guess not only is it a nice break from the guy's music, because Turner must be busy AF in the run up to the season finale of the most-discussed show potentially of all time, Game Of Thrones. Will Sansa Stark take the throne? Will she be queen? OK who actually knows, but she is definitely the queen of Jonas' heart. Oh yes I slid in there with a Westlife song.

Yep, the upcoming nuptials of Turner and Jonas will be here before we know it. Although little has been revealed about the big day, lord knows it will be a lavish affair and the gift table will be lit. Jonas revealed to James Corden that it'll be this year, and it'll summer wedding. Nobody knows exactly where it will be, but according to an accidental Instagram post from one of the invitees (which has now been deleted), the save the date insinuated it will be in France.

Watch this space for more deets about the upcoming wedding, but one thing is for sure: this pair are in it for many more national Joe Days in the future.