You Can Get Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops In 4 Delicious Flavors Just In Time For Summer

Why should summer be all about the sickly sweet? It's time for a new flavor combination to take on the sun. If you're looking for a twisted treat this summer, then the makers of all things Sour Patch Kids are here to help you out. Take the pucker-y, sugary goodness of Sour Patch Kids and add a frozen feel and you have Sour Patch Kids Tropical Ice Pops. That's right, ice pops in the flavor of that sweet and sour candy treat. Not everyone wants their icy treats to have that level of tang, but some people are just gluttons for punishment — and this is their lucky day. Instagrammer @candyhunting stayed true to their name when they spotted the delicious-looking ice pops at Walmart, so it's time to keep your eyes peeled to see if they've arrived in a store near you. They certainly look so colorful that they'll be hard to miss.

It's not the first time that Sour Patch Kids has branched out into the ice pop and frozen food scene, but these promise the classic sour and sweet combination with a tropical flair. The pops look colorful and swirled and come in boxes of 16, featuring Tropical Twist, Paradise Punch, Passion Fruit, and Pineapple flavors. So there's definitely something for everyone (everyone who likes Sour Patch Kids, that is).

If you're looking to get your ice cream and ice pop game on this summer, there are plenty of treats to choose from. If you want to stay in the Sour Patch Kids lane, you can check our Sour Patch Kids ice cream, which is, for some reason, a thing that exists. (I mean, there's already Sour Patch Kids cereal, so I guess that nothing should surprise me anymore.) In the UK, you can go for a slightly different twist with Skittles Coolers — a Skittle-themed ice cream bar. But if you want to go even weirder, you can get pickle ice cream sundaes — which are exactly what they sound like, unfortunately. Oh, and there's even Nickelodeon slime ice cream to relive your '90s childhood.

Of course, you don't have to go that wild. Some of us like traditional ice cream deliciousness and that is fine by me. Walmart's Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream is cake-flavored — with a frosting twist, just to make something really incredible and delicious. Or you can go for a truly classic summer favorite and stick with a Dairy Queen Blizzard, perhaps the OG of all summer treats. They've announced six new Blizzard flavors — Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard, Summer Berry Cheesecake Blizzard, Caramel Cannonball Blizzard, S’mores Blizzard, Cotton Candy Blizzard, and Brownie Dough Blizzard, just to really make sure that you have a bounty of traditional ice cream treats to choose from.

Sometimes, you don't want sweet n' sour, you just want sweet and sweet and SWEETER. That's OK, not everyone has to swim against the tide. With summer approaching, it's best that everyone just celebrates with whatever delicious flavor they see fit. Carmel, chocolate, pickle flavors — in a popsicle, a sundae, or a whole darn pint — there are so many different ways to get your ice treat on. It's time to choose your own creamy adventure.