Kim K Is FINALLY Releasing Shimmer Highlighters & OMG

Spring has been a big season for Kim Kardashian and her burgeoning beauty empire. From launching her concealer kits to collaborating with long time makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, she's kind of doing the most (but in the best way). Now, Kardashian has teased KKW Beauty highlighters, and they're just the latest in her string of beauty releases sure to send her fans into a tailspin.

On Wednesday, Kardashian slyly took to her personal Instagram (not her brand's account) to show off an arm full of highlighter swatches, but they weren't from other brands, they were her own formula. In the corner of the Instagram story, she wrote, "New highlighters coming soon #KKWBeauty."

Based on the swatches, Kardashian isn't playing around. Not only do they look beautiful, but there appears to be several shades seemingly designed for a multitude of skin tones. From vanilla to pink to bronze, she's clearly been working on the shade range for these glow-crafting products.

As of press time, however, there have been no more teases regarding the highlighters. Questions about their release date and price still remain unanswered, but Kardashian is showing off swatches already seems to indicate that they're well on their way to hitting those KKW internet shelves.

Those vanilla shades certainly appear blinding in these swatches.

The individual highlighters shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, though. While it may seem like years since KKW Beauty actually debuted, it hasn't been that long. The number of products she's released, however, may mean that you've forgotten about her OG powder contour kits. While reviews were somewhat mixed for the product, they were home to, you guessed it, highlighters.

The compacts feature both a matte and shimmer highlight shade, and YouTubers like NikkieTutorials loved the shimmer shade, and at the time, she even called for individuals. Now, it seems as though Nikkie is getting her wish.

As for why no other details have emerged? It's probably because Kardashian is busy! Sure, her KKW Beauty launches seem to be done (pending the upcoming highlighter), but for right now, the reality star and beauty mogul seems to be focused on her upcoming KKW Body fragrance.

In case you've been on a social media hiatus, Kardashian has been filling the internet with nude photos. While you're probably saying, "Okay, that sounds pretty normal to me," you should know that she's basically totally covered in clay in some of them. Why? Because her new KKW Body fragrance, well it's actually all about her body.

The new perfume from KKW Fragrance features sensual, deep scents (some of which are actually aphrodisiacs), so it makes total sense that the bottle would be her actual body. According to Kardashian, they made a mold of her figure, and the result is an anatomically correct version of well, her.

In fact, the KKW Fragrance creator showcased the bottle on Wednesday night, and well, it's pretty spot on (obviously). The product basically looks like a statue of the reality star, and if you're a serious fan, it could basically be considered a collector's item.

If, however, you're less about KKW Fragrance and more focused on KKW Beauty, you're in luck. Kardashian isn't letting either of her brands fall to the wayside. Those KKW highlighter teases are proof that she's got more up her sleeves (when she wears them).

Keep your eyes peeled to the KKW Beauty social media and Kardashian's personal account because more teasers certainly seem like they could be headed fans' way. Until then, everyone can just imagine what it'll be like to get that signature KKW glow.