This Food Was Mentioned The Most In Tinder Bios This Year

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On dating apps, you have limited space — a couple of pictures and a short bio — to show potential matches who you are in your profile. But what do people say in their dating app bios to get matches? Turns out, it can be as simple as mentioning your favorite food.

Dating app Tinder just released its first-ever "Year in Swipe" report, analyzing Tinder use worldwide from January through November 2018 to highlight trends in user profiles and app activity. And among the ideal times to swipe, most used GIFs, and other essentials, the analysis also uncovered that, when it came to favorite foods, pizza found itself in the top 10 most-mentioned foods in U.S., Australia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, India, and South Korea. As someone who has had pizza in four of these countries, I have questions; lots of questions. Most notably: where is Italy in all this?

While pizza may be the international language, replacing the former international language, love, the point is that no matter where you go, pizza is the one food that most people can agree on.

Here are the top 10 foods that showed up the most in U.S. Tinder profiles in 2018.



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While NYC may corner the market on the best pizza in the country (sorry, Chicago), it's comforting to know that people in other states have found their own version of pizza they can cling to and love.



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Whether it's Dos Caminos or Taco Bell, tacos are a hard food to mess up and always make people happy. That's why, at least in the U.S., it's at number two on the list.




Delicious and healthy, sushi finds itself in third place.


Ice Cream

The sweetest treat on the list, and definitely deserving of being in the top five, is ice cream. No matter if it's 90 degrees or 20 degrees, ice cream is a hard one to pass up.



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Finding itself in the exact middle of the list is the sandwich. Considering the most popular TV show is Friends, the most used GIF is Joey Tribbiani's signature "How you doin'?," and Joey had a thing for sandwiches in particular, it all sort of comes together in a beautiful cosmic way.




If there was ever a comfort food that's easy to make and brings everyone together, it's pasta. Whether it's covered in a fancy blanquette sauce or some simple olive oil and sea salt, it's a winner.



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Although some people may see guacamole as something you dip tortilla chips or drops on top of nachos, as a food, guac can actually stand on its own. And anyone who's ever eaten a whole bowl of guacamole can attest to that.



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Honestly, burritos are probably the only food on here where you can manage to stuff it full of all the major food groups. (Not including pizza, of course.) It may not be the best option for a first date, because they can be messy as hell, but once true love sets in, it doesn't matter how much food ends up on your face.




Please note that this is gluten and not "gluten-free." Perhaps there are those out there who are over the gluten-free lifestyle and want to date someone who finds that being knee-deep in gluten-saturated foods is what works best for them.



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Queso? Yes, queso. Coming in tenth place for the most mentioned foods in U.S. Tinder profiles is queso. It seems that not just any cheese will do when it comes to people on Tinder. It's more of a queso-or-bust situation.

As you prepare to update your Tinder profile for 2019, you may want to take into consideration adding your favorite food to it. As Julia Child said, "People who love to eat are always the best people."