The Cold Weather Accessory That'll Keep Your Legs Extra Toasty

Though I never miss winter, I always miss my winter clothes. My favorite thing about winter is getting to slip into a pair of your favorite boots — and there's no better way to wear them than with the best boot socks.

My embarrassingly large collection of socks has grown so fast mainly because I love to wear boots in the winter. Of course, socks aren’t specific to winter, but not all socks are thick or long enough to be worn with boots. A great pair of boot socks is going to stay put, without slipping down or bunching at the toes. Boot socks should also keep your feet warm, but not so warm that your feet start to sweat. And for those of us that do a lot of walking, a nice, thick pair of boot socks will protect your feet from getting blisters. Best of all, the right pair of socks sticking out of your boots can shake up your entire look.

Regardless of the style of boot you wear, there’s no reason to spend all winter pulling up your socks or freezing your toes off. These are some of the best boot socks that keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Knit Over-the-Knee Socks For High Boots

STYLEGAGA Over The Knee Boot Socks, $28 (3 Pack), Amazon

These knit thigh high socks are made to keep you stylishly warm. They come in packs of three different colors, but the top of each pair is black, so they'll match with any pair of over-the-knee boots. Of course, you can wear these with lower boots and have the funky color palette poking out underneath. Either way, you’ll definitely be warm in these knit socks.

Classic Black Knee-High Socks For Dressy Boots

Hue Women’s Soft Opaque Knee High Socks, $15 (3 Pack), Amazon

Dressing up in cold weather can be quite challenging and you definitely need a classic opaque knee sock to keep you warm underneath a pair of dressy boots. These socks are a nylon spandex blend, so they have a nice amount of stretch and a banded top that stays put. These are truly the perfect amount of warmth if you happen to hit the dance floor in heeled boots. They come in packs of three, and reviewers are loving the soft texture and elasticity.

Warm Cozy Socks For Casual Boots

Wool Crew Winter Socks, $15 (5 Pack), Amazon

Sometimes you just need a pair of warm socks that will get you from your bed to the corner store. These socks are great to slip on underneath a pair of winter boots, and they’ll certainly keep you warm on your journey. The spandex, wool, cotton, and polyester blend makes them soft and cozy. Whether you’re cleaning snow off your car, running errands, or heading to brunch, these are a pair of socks you definitely want in your sock drawer.

Breathable Socks That Go Well With Booties

No Nonsense Women’s Mini Crew Socks, $6 (3 Pack), Amazon

These breathable crew socks manage to balance the common struggle of city-transit goers: sweaty feet that very quickly turn into freezing feet in the winter. These are easy to wear with heeled booties, and the cushioned toe helps keep your feet comfortable. They come in packs of three and they’re an absolute steal for six bucks.

Multi-colored Knee-High Socks For Calf Boots

Lucky Love Women's Knee High Boot Socks, $13, Amazon

This pair of knee-high socks can give you that element of warmth your calf boots are missing. They’re made out of a cotton/spandex fabric that make your feet feel snug inside your boots. You can bunch them up top, pull them higher, and even layer another sock underneath. They’re pretty versatile with a high-quality elastic that will prevent them from sliding down without cutting off circulation. They come in single and pairs with a variety of colors to choose from.

Fishnet Socks That Looks Great Popping Out Of Booties

StockingFox, Fishnet Socks, $12 (3-Pack), Amazon

Fishnet socks are a fun addition to any pair of booties, and if you live in an area where mild winter temperatures are a regular occurrence, you might even find yourself wearing them with a pair of cut-out booties. Made with a high elasticity to keep from slipping down or stretching out, these are a great statement sock to keep on hand for a warm, winter day.

Heat Holders To Layer Under Rain Boots

Heat Holders Women’s Thermal Wellington Rubber Boot Socks, $20, Amazon

The last thing you want on a cold, rainy day is to have wet socks or cold feet. These thermal boot socks are seven times warmer than cotton, which makes them great for wearing underneath rain boots. They can be folded down to fit your boot height and are designed to make your feet feel totally insulated and protected from extreme weather.

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