'Pretty Little Liars' Can't End Without Answering These Questions

by Rosie Narasaki
Eric McCandless/Freeform

Here's a scary thought: There are only a few episodes left of Pretty Little Liars. How in the world are they going to manage to tie up seven whole seasons worth of loose ends by then? Is there any way we're going to be able to find out everything we want to find out? Unfortunately, with so little time left on the clock, we might have to prioritize — and just focus on the biggest unanswered questions we need answered in Pretty Little Liars' final season. Even if you narrow it down, though, it's still a lot of questions — after all, every time something gets answered on the show, another question gets asked (it's like a twisted version of the aphorism, "Every time a door closes, a window opens").

That said, what exactly should be our priorities be? Let's gather all of our top questions for review — in fact, I'm considering this an open letter to I. Marlene King and the rest of the writers on the show (even though they've already written the episodes, of course). What are the absolute need-to-knows of the dark and twisty Rosewood we've come to know and love? The things we can't live without the answers to? IMK, we're begging you: Answer the questions listed below. Please.

Who The Heck is Uber A?

This one kind of goes without saying, but we have to find out who Uber A is. We thought we'd finally know rest once we found out A's identity, but then it turned out that there was a much more sinister A-game member waiting in the wings — and we don't know who it is yet.

How Are All the A Incarnations Connected?

Knowing Uber A's identity will definitely be a huge weight off our shoulders, but it won't be fully satisfying unless we know details about how they tie in with the rest of the A incarnations and A-team members that we've met over the years.

Who Killed Charlotte?

For all the machinations that went on in the episodes following her untimely death, we still don't know who killed Charlotte. Signs point to Uber A, but honestly, it could be anyone.

Who Is Beach Hottie?

We just don't know. And apparently, King might not either: As she said to Bustle at the Freeform Upfronts, "I thought that was Wilden. Wasn’t that Wilden? ... I’ve got to look it up, but I’ll get back to you on that." Beach Hottie's long been an enigma, and we need to know who he is, dammit!

How Does Bethany Young Factor In?

Bethany is intertwined into many different storylines from many different seasons — but we still don't know exactly what her exact role is yet, and she's a huge enigma. Did she really kill Toby's mom? Could she be Alison's half-sister? What did all her drawings mean? What was her connection to Mrs. DiLaurentis? The list of questions goes on.

Whose Side is Melissa On?

Though their relationship has always been competitive and contentious, Melissa motivations have always been murky. Does she love Spencer as much as she claims to, or is she playing some sort of long game?

And last but not least...

What Is Wren's Game?

Wren has long topped the A suspects lists, and fans have been clamoring for his return to the show for literal years. Finally, finally, he'll be returning to Rosewood (and with a drastic makeover) — so maybe we'll finally figure out why he's consistently acted so shady. Actor Julian Morris said in an interview with MTV that part of Wren's motivation has always been his love for Spencer — but what else drives him?

Basically there's a lot that needs to be addressed before PLL takes its final bow, so the episodes better start spilling!