The 9 Most Comfortable Sandals

If there's one thing I've learned from season after season of ill-advised footwear purchases, it's that sandals shouldn't be bought based on looks alone. Those designed without comfort in mind can wreak absolute havoc on your feet. And since no one wants to be dealing with blisters and sore arches on a daily basis, finding comfortable, warm-weather footwear is imperative. Whether you're trekking across Europe, down nature trails, or across town, the most comfortable sandals ensure that your feet are the last thing on your mind.

For enduring comfort, there are a few key features to look for in your footwear. First, let's talk material. Chances are, you've come across the term 'EVA' on your hunt for the perfect sandal. EVA, or ethel vinyl acetate, is a manmade foam material that provides exceptional cushioning for your foot. Sandals with an EVA footbed or midsole are going to be a smart bet. Another great material to look for in an insole is OrthoLite, which is made from recycled rubbers and a proprietary polyurethane material. It also provides long-lasting cushioning and support.

Next up, you want to look for sandals that will contour to your foot. Since no two people have the same foot shape, having a shoe that will mold to your feet is essential for comfort. Especially if you have a painful foot condition like plantar fasciitis or flat feet, a sandal with built-in orthotics is definitely going to be a step above when it comes to comfort.

Lastly, it's helpful to check if the brand has fit options that include narrow and wide sizes. Additionally, sandals with adjustable straps will also help ensure a snug fit.

With all that in mind, it's time to find your perfect sandal, whether it's a wedge to wear to work or a sporty pair for your most active days. All of the options below have excellent Amazon ratings and hundreds, if not thousands, of positive customer reviews.