Madison's Mascara From 'The Bachelor' Is Less Than $10 On Amazon

Madison's mascara from The Bachelor is a hit.

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett has enviable style. Twitter's Bachelor Nation members have taken note of her glittering jumpsuit, the beaded mini dress she wore for her overnight date, and even a pair of geometric earrings they believe she shared with other contestants. But the Alabama native and front-runner for the final rose is also a hit in the beauty space. Madison's mascara has been a much tweeted about topic during the show's Monday night airings, and you can get the lash lengthening product for under $10 on Amazon.

While it may be hard to notice Madison's lashes between all of her sparkling styles, the contestant's makeup has made Twitter wonder what mascara she's been using during filming. Blog Big Blonde Hair did some sleuthing and discovered her mascara of choice is Maybelline's Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length. It's just $8.91 on Amazon.

Even the most savvy of beauty lovers can't tell what mascara someone uses simply by the look of the lashes. (Or if you can, I bow down to you.) Big Blonde Hair reports that Madison used the mascara on screen in Episode 7 while in Peru, and while ABC blurred the logo on the geometric tube, its shape and color make Maybelline's Stiletto the obvious answer for those curious about her mascara choice.


Madison is not the only person who loves the drugstore beauty product. With more than 500 ratings on Amazon, the mascara sits at a 4.4 out of 5 stars. Reviews are glowing. One Amazon shopper writes, "This stuff is the best! It makes my lashes look so much longer than they are. It doesn't clump, it washes off easily, and it doesn't flake."

If you love Madison's lashes and want to cop her beauty style, Amazon (as usual) has you covered.