11 Of The Best Sex Toys You Can Get For Under $25

Ashley Batz/Bustle

While there's nothing wrong with expensive sex toys, at the end of the day, if you have an orgasm, do you really need $1.3 million dollars between your legs? Probably not. Luckily, there are tons of amazing, inexpensive sex toys out there that provide the pleasure you're looking for.

While I firmly believe every body deserves the royal treatment, as far as I'm concerned the royal treatment is a fantastic orgasm; the type that makes your toes curl, the hair on the back of your neck raise, and has you calling out total nonsensical gibberish. And something tells me that an orgasm isn't going to be anymore satisfying because it costs more than many people will make in their lifetime. Just like any other product, expensive doesn't necessarily always mean better.

My point is that vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, and dildos don't have to be expensive AF to be amazing. My favorite vibrator will always be the $15 Babeland Silver Bullet, and I've had some pretty pricey toys up against my clitoris. So do yourself — and your wallet — a huge favor and stick to toys in your price range. Here are 11 awesome, amazing, deliciously fun toys for $25 or less.


Bunny Kiss - Platinum Edition: $23

Bunny Kiss - Platinum Edition, $23, Babeland

Let's face it: The iconic Rabbit, Sex and the City made a household name, isn't cheap. While it's definitely worth every penny, if you don't have the money, then you don't have the money. End of story. But, thankfully, there are other editions that offer both penetrative and clitoral pleasure for far less. The Bunny Kiss is more than reasonably priced for what it delivers.


7 Functions Wonder Bullet: $12

7 Functions Wonder Bullet, $12, Amazon

When it comes to sex toys under $25, you can't lose with a bullet vibrator. For just 12 bucks, you get seven functions from which to choose, it's small enough to travel with, and when we compiled a list of millennial women's favorite sex toys, it made the cut.


Mini BodyWand: $19

Mini BodyWand, $19, Babeland

OMG. Have you ever, in all your days, seen something so delightfully tiny and adorable? Similar to the Rabbit, most Body Wands will set you back close to $100 or more, so it only makes sense that a smaller and less expensive version would be created for those of us who just can't justify or afford to spend more than $25 on a toy.


Je Joue Ooh Mini Butt Plug: $15

Je Joue Ooh Mini Butt Plug, $15, Amazon

Whether you're seasoned in the world of anal play and aren't in the mood for something really big or brand new to the concept and want to start small, the Je Joue Ooh Mini Butt Plug is perfect toy. I mean, just look at that ideal shape!


Galaxy G Acrylic G-Spot Dildo: $22

Galaxy G Acrylic G-Spot Dildo, $22, Babeland

If you've managed to locate your G-spot and are one of the few who can climax from G-spot stimulation alone, then this dildo was made for you. It's angled in such a way that even if you've yet to find your G-spot, meaning you think you've found it but you're not sure, this toy will definitely lead you in the right direction.


Wahl All Body Massager: $

Wahl All Body Massager, $20, Walgreens

Although not marketed as vibrator, this body massager, when used in the right spots is absolutely a vibrator. Sort of like how Hitachi Magic Wand was supposed to be just a body massager, too, but then came pretty much the most popular vibrator in the world. Also, this is another product that made the list of millennial women's favorite sex toys, and obviously, millennial women know what's up when it comes to sex toys and self-pleasure.


Babeland Silver Bullet: $15

Babeland Silver Bullet, $15, Babeland

Not only was it the first vibrator I ever owned that was a game-changer, but it's one of just a handful of toys that have truly strengthened my orgasms. I love this vibrator so much that I just might stipulate in my will that it's buried with me.


Jimmyjane Iconic Smoothie: $20

Jimmyjane Iconic Smoothie, $20, Babeland

When it comes to getting back to basics and wanting a vibrator that gets the job done — meaning stimulates the clitoris to an orgasm — so you can get back to going about your day, then this toy by Jimmyjane is exactly what you want. Jimmyjane is known for their quality products and they're so confident in them, this has a one-year warranty. If it breaks or has any defects, you'll get your money back.


Blush Rose Lipstick Vibe: $13

Blush Rose Lipstick Vibe, $13, Amazon

I actually got this as a gift that was partially supposed to be a joke, because my friend (a straight guy) had never seen anything like it before, but since I travel so much it was also meant to be sincere. I have to say this particular vibrator actually proves the saying, "big things comes in small packages," to be completely true.


LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring: $8.50

LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring, $8.50, Babeland

For those who can't get enough of oral sex, then you definitely want this vibrating tongue ring made to fit any size tongue, thanks to its stretchy material. Although it's a one-time use product, the battery holds a charge for at least 40 minutes and can be used on both women and men. Finding reasonably priced couples toys is quite a feat, and at only $8.50 a pop, you just might want to stock up.


Weekender In A Box: $25

Weekender In A Box, $25, Babeland

One of my favorite things about Babeland is they offer kits that include everything you need for a good time. For example, their Blow Job in a Box is one of my favorite all time products they carry. But as for this Weekender in a Box, you get the Babeland Silver Bullet Vibe, batteries, lube, condoms, and mini-massage candle "whose wax melts and turns into luxurious massage oil." It's a perfect little package of goodies to spice up a night or a whole weekend.

So there you go: sex toys that will get you off without breaking the bank. Something tells me you're going to have one hell of a weekend,