The Best Of The “We Need A Disney Princess Who” Meme That’s Blowing Up On Twitter


There is no shortage of bizarre iterations of the Disney princesses on this here internet. We have things as politically-charged as Disney princesses with periods ranging to things as nonsensical as Disney princesses as hot dogs. While I maintain that all of these variations of our faves are vital and necessary to the vast meme quilt that millennial culture (GIVE ME DISNEY PRINCESSES AS VELOCIRAPTORS OR GIVE ME DEATH, none are perhaps quite as epic as the latest to hit the internet, which has inspired a "We Need A Disney Princess Who" meme and taken Twitter by storm.

It all started the way all good things on the internet start: with a nonsense tweet. This one was gifted to #culture by Twitter user Kelsey Fiona, who wrote a tweet on March 20 that read, "We need a Disney princess with a yeast infection" four times in a row. This, in turn, has led me to officially withdraw my complaint about the 280-word character limit killing our senses of Twitter humor, because it is clearly being put to great use — and the rest of Twitter evidently thinks so, too, because it has inspired a whole slew of "We need a Disney Princess who ..." tweets in its aftermath.

But first, the OG.

First of all, why is this so funny? Perhaps it's because it strikes two different chords — one being the very real need for better representation in the media when it comes to portraying women in an intersectional manner that's actually representative of real-life women. While Disney is certainly making strides in better representation with its Disney characters on the big and little screens, we have a long way to go.

But the other chord it strikes is just how irresponsibly and delightfully we have spiraled into the abyss of "Disney princesses as other things" (read: the velociraptors above), a trend that, much like the '90s themselves, will never truly die.

In the vein of us never escaping our own nostalgia and meme-ing it into oblivion, here are some of the quality tweets that the yeast infection inspired.

1. Royally Blonde

What, like it's hard?


Okay but if someone wanted to cover this song in full Disney princess costume I would not object. Personally.

3. Eep

Just in case anyone wanted flashbacks to that impromptu kindergarten haircut!

4. Someday My Meteor Will Come

I mean, whichever Disney princess was supposed to do this in 2012 is clearly sleeping on the job and waiting for some prince to wake her.

5. No Strangers 2 Love

The Kingdom of Rick Roll will never be the same.

6. Seen, 6:25 P.M.

Do you think Prince Eric uses read receipts? He strikes me as a man who uses read receipts.

7. Crying, Though

Okay OUCH we're taking this too far.

8. 2 + 2 = ?

It hurts to be seen.

9. The Poor Groom's Bride Is A —

Why handle things with a sense of poise or rationality when you can freeze the entire kingdom instead??

10. A ~Thousand Miles~

If you don't hear the piano refrain in your head and have to suppress to urge to lift your hands and do an awkward finger dance after reading that you're not a real millennial.

11. Poor Unfortunate Souls

I mean, to be fair, we kind of already have one. Olaf is the princess of my (bleak, damaged) heart.

Anyway, there's a whole lot more where that came from, in case you were looking for the meme to retweet that best captures the absurdity in your soul. Oh, Disney princesses.