Bustle's Editors On Fyre Festival + Harry Styles

You've made it — through the week and almost through Donald Trump's first 100 days in the White House. Congratulations, fam — and for all of your hard work and resilience, you've been rewarded. From Harry Styles announcing his first solo world tour to the most glorious pizza you've ever seen, here's what Bustle's editors are talking about and what you need to know before you get your weekend started.

Fyre Festival + Ja Rule

Last night, the Bella Hadid-endorsed Fyre Festival took a dramatic turn for the worse. The festival, which was co-created by Ja Rule, was set to take place this weekend and next in the Bahamas, and was billed as the year's most luxurious new music event. But when festival-goers arrived (if they were able to), they faced unfinished lodging, inadequate food, and reportedly feral dogs.

Ultimately, Fyre Festival released a statement that it'd been cancelled, but not before headliner Blink-182 pulled out of the lineup. Friday afternoon, Ja Rule released an apology for how the situation unfolded.

Harry Styles + World Tour

It's officially a great time to be a former-One Direction fan. On Friday morning, Harry Styles announced his first solo world tour and, appropriately, everyone lost their minds — but there's a catch. Styles' entire tour only amounts to 29 dates across the world. Here's hoping he adds a few more dates because we could all use more Harry Styles in this life.

Bless Up Music Moment: If Harry Styles' tour news wasn't enough — DJ Khaled released "I'm the One," the first song and music video off his upcoming album GRATEFUL and it's everything you ever dreamed of. Khaled teamed up with Justin Bieber, Migos' Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne to bless us with what will probably be the 2017 Song of Summer.

Oscar Isaac + Babies (!!!)

On Friday, Oscar Isaac and his girlfriend Elvira Lind announced the birth of their first child with an adorable video from the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. And a double-congratulations are in order for the couple — Lind's film Bobbi Jene won best documentary at the festival! Talk about goals.

LOL of the Day: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are EASILY relationship goals at all times, but on Thursday night Lively hilariously roasted her husband's TIME 100 title on Instagram with the help of John Legend.

Don't even try to tell me a double-date with Chrissy, John, Blake, and Ryan isn't your #1 dream.

101 Cheeses + The Pizza Of Your Dreams

Pizza is the food of the gods. OK, fine, maybe that's not entirely true, but in our world, pizza is the closest thing to perfect we'll ever get. Unless, of course, you put 101 types of cheese on it

Scottie's Pizza Parlor in Portland created the Centuno Formaggio — aka the pizza of your wildest dreams with 101 different types of cheese on it — for Portland Pizza Week. But, before you book your flight to Portland, the pie was, sadly, only available for one day. At least we all know our plans for next year!

International Pay It Forward Day + What You Can Do

Before you dive into your well-deserved weekend rest, April 28 is International Pay It Forward Day. What better way to celebrate making it through another week than by giving back a little and bring some extra good vibes with you into the weekend?

What to Watch This Weekend: Get your binge-watch on this weekend with the releases of The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu and Dear White People on Netflix. Trust us, it'll be ALL everyone's talking about at brunch.

Weekend Plans: Here's exactly where you can expect to meet people this weekend, based on your zodiac sign.