Bustle's Editors On Inauguration Day + What's Next

by Christine DiStasio

Well, you made it to Friday again — and you also made it through Inauguration Day. So, now what? Regardless of how you're feeling (and if you're stressed out about the inauguration, don't worry, you're not alone) the weekend is upon us and some R&R is probably exactly what you're looking forward to after the week. I mean, same.

But, before you post up on the couch for the foreseeable future for a Netflix marathon, meet your friends for happy hour, or put the finishing touches on your posters for the Women's March, here's what Bustle's editors were talking about today (not everything is grim, people — I know, *shocker*).

Donald Trump + Inauguration Day

Earlier today, Donald Trump was sworn in to become the 45th president of the United States — while getting rained on in Washington, D.C. You can read a full transcript of Trump's inaugural address here.

Subsequently, Barack Obama's POTUS Twitter handle became @POTUS44 and Trump officially took over the @POTUS handle for the next four years. Are you ready for that?

Inauguration Day LOL: Before their official photo together, Melania Trump presented Michelle Obama with a gift in a large Tiffany & Co. box and the former FLOTUS' face said it all. Seriously. It said all of the things we were thinking ALL. DAMN. DAY.

WhiteHouse.Gov + Climate Change

Minutes after Donald Trump was sworn into office, a handful of terrifying changes were made to

Official pages dealing with climate change, petitions, LGBT rights, and other key issues are no longer accessible on the site. Additions to the site include Trump's "America First" initiatives and a "Cabinet" page that basically reveals he's operating solo for now.

WTF Moment of the Week: Donald Trump "accidentally" quoted a Dark Knight franchise villain in his inaugural speech. No, we're not kidding. During his first address as POTUS, Trump quoted Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Because, yes, things can always get weirder and scarier these days.

Celebs + Facebook

There are some things to smile about today, however. While some celebs were protesting Donald Trump's inauguration, others were participating in the "Love-a-thon," a live-streaming telethon on Facebook Live today to raise money for the next four years.

The stream was live from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET, featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rashida Jones, and a handful of other celebs aiming to raise $500,000 for three charities involved. All hope isn't gone, people. Fight on.

Netflix News: In a small break from today's Trump news, the premiere date for House Of Cards Season 5 was released. Cannot. Wait.

Women's March + What To Do Now

Whether you're heading to D.C. to march, participating in a sister event, or just want to support from afar, there are still ways to get involved and support the Women's March.

And if you're planning to march, but haven't come up with a good idea for how to get your message out, here are 10 last-minute Women's March sign ideas.

Bonus Celeb Moment to Make You Feel OK Today: During the inauguration broadcast, Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to announce that, instead of going to the Sundance Film Festival this weekend, she'll be headed to Washington, D.C. for the Women's March on Saturday. Props.

What to Watch: If you're feeling a little blue about the state of affairs — even after getting out there and fighting your butt off like the badass you are — here are 17 nostalgic movies to watch this weekend to improve your mood. Or to make you think of simpler times, whatever works.

Will You Find Love This Weekend? Wherever this weekend takes you — to a march or to a solidarity night with friends — love always wins. So here's what you can expect this weekend, based on your sign.

Images: Dawn Foster, Chelsea LaSalle, Alyssa Foote