Last-Minute Sign Ideas For The Women's March

On Saturday, Jan. 21, more than 200,000 people are expected to attend the Women's March On Washington; additionally, hundreds of thousands more will show their support at more than 600 sister marches across the United States and around the globe. Still trying to figure out what to put on your sign for the marcg? These last-minute Women's March sign ideas might inspire your creativity. Even the simplest protest sign can make a powerful impact.

The Women's March vision to "stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country" is a good jumping off point for creating your sign, so look there if you're not sure where to start. The unity principles of the march include, ending violence against women, preserving women's reproductive rights, protecting rights for the LGBTQIA community, protecting (and increasing) women's rights in the workplace, equal civil rights for women (we still do not have this right), protection of rights for the disabled, preserving immigrants' rights, and fighting for environmental justice.

Use these principles as a guide for creating your sign. What means the most to you? Keep it simple and speak from your heart. Ask yourself, "why am I marching?" That should help you decide what you want to say.

Keep in mind that your sign can not be made of anything that can be used as a weapon, so stick to cardboard or poster board; don't mount it on a stick, either. If it's raining where you are marching, you can wrap your sign in clear packing tape to make it waterproof. Still haven't decided if you're going to march? See the full list of the 616 sister marches on

Don't Overthink It

Keep your message simple and direct. What matters the most to you? Grab a marker and write it on a poster board or a piece of cardboard.

Get a Little Help From Your Favorite Marginalized Artist

Sometimes the people we admire can help us craft our message. Use a lyric or two from your favorite musician as a jumping off point to create your own unique message.

Let Love Trump Hate

Use your sign to spread a positive message that we're all in this together, and at the end of the day, if we are united in our mission to fight for the rights of all women, love will trump hate.

State the Obvious

People in many other cities around the world have already marched. Sometimes it's as easy as stating the obvious, like women's rights are human rights. All women are humans and deserve the same rights as all men — who, coincidentally, are also humans. The same goes for people of all genders.

Download and Print a Free Sign

Can't decide what to say, or just don't have the time to make your own sign? Download a free sign at Other outlets are offering free Women's March signs as well.

Remember, Creating Can Be Cathartic

If you have a flair for the artistic, you know that creating something can soothe and calm the soul. Harness your creativity to make a sign that represents you using stencils, markers, paint, and more.

Make It Funny

We can all use a laugh these days. If you tend toward sarcasm or humor, make a funny Women's March sign that reflects that.

Remember That A Sign Has Two Sides

If you have a lot to say at the Women's March, use both the front and back of your sign for the greatest impact.

Make Something With a Friend

Consider the fact that you will be carrying your sign for several hours, but if you have a few friends to help, you can make something that will really standout, like this sign. Fiona Apple also wrote a song about Trump's alleged "tiny hands" that you can use for inspiration.

Go Old School

Grab a piece of cardboard and a black marker and write your message for the Women's March. This quick and easy option takes mere minutes, and it's just as effective as any professional sign.