The Bustle Huddle: What Bustle's Editors Are Talking About On Jan. 23

Happy Tuesday! As you know, the last few days have been pretty busy, news-wise, and while things have slowed down a little today there's still a whole range of stories you need to be aware of.

Our editors have been hard at work covering the 2018 Academy Award nominations, an earthquake in Alaska, and more. Here's what you need to know on Tuesday, Jan. 23:

Marshall County + School Shooting

Early Tuesday, authorities were alerted that there was a shooting at Marshall County High School in Kentucky. It's been confirmed that two people have been fatally shot, and 17 have been injured. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin revealed in a statement on Twitter that a suspect is in custody.

Natural Disaster: Earlier today, a huge earthquake rocked Alaska, and officials warned residents that it could develop into a tsunami. These tweets prove just how terrifying the whole ordeal was for people in the affected areas.

Melania Trump + Davos

President Trump is visiting Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum this week. At the last minute, however, First Lady Melania Trump canceled her trip with him. It's being speculated that this has something to do with the revelation that Trump reportedly had an affair during his marriage, though the official word from White House staff is that this cancelation has to do with scheduling conflicts.

Real Housewives Update: The Real Housewives of Orange County is saying goodbye to Meghan King Edmond, who is not returning to the franchise for some really important reasons.

Academy Awards + Nominations

The 2018 Academy Awards nominations are in, and there is so much to unpack. Right off the bat, Rachel Morrison was nominated for Best Cinematography, marking the first time in the award's history that a woman has been nominated in this category (crazy, right??). Also, did you know that Greta Gerwig's nomination marks the first time in EIGHT years that a woman has been nominated for Best Director? That's also pretty baffling, too. And this is only the beginning of all the ways this year's nominations made history. All this goes to show that while the Oscars are making strides towards recognizing diverse voices, there's a lot more work to be done.

Time's Up: Speaking of the Oscars, James Franco was not nominated at all and his film, The Disaster Artist, didn't garner any nominations either. All this comes on the heels of numerous sexual misconduct allegations against the actor.

Britney Spears + World Tour

Britney is back, and she's kicking off a world tour in 2018! The singer announced that she'll be touring North America and Europe this summer, so get your tickets ASAP. Spears just ended her residency in Las Vegas after four years, so it makes sense that she wants to switch things in 2018. You go, girl!

Shopping Break: I'm a huge fan of treating yourself to a face mask in the middle of the week, so consider trying e.l.f.'s glitter peel-off mask. It'll cost you less than two cups of coffee!

What to Watch: The month is drawing to a close, which means that some of your faves on Netflix will be leaving soon! Now's the time to catch up while you can.