Bustle's Editors On Tax Returns + RBG

Happy post-snow day, everyone! Hopefully, if you were working from home yesterday because of the blizzard, the return to the office today wasn't too jarring. It's hard to believe it's only Wednesday, as that snow day, plus all the crazy news this week has already seen, makes it seriously feel like it's about to be the weekend. But sadly, that's not the case, and we still have two more days to go....

But hey, being halfway through is something, at least. Before getting ready for the days ahead, catch up on all the news you might've missed from today, Mar. 15.

Donald Trump + Those Tax Returns

Last night, Rachel Maddow had everyone scrambling to find MSNBC when she announced that she had Trump's 2005 tax returns. The resulting news segment was controversial, to say the least, and the information from the returns, which stated that Trump paid $38 million in '05 taxes on an income of $150 million, was significant enough that the White House quickly issued a response. There are still plenty of questions about the tax returns, though, so here's hoping we get answers soon.

Pro Tip: If you're looking for a way to speak up against Trump, check out the fast-growing Ides of Trump campaign, which involves writing a postcard, labeling it with the hashtag, and sending it along to the White House.

Women's History + A New Museum

Ladies, get in formation. The first museum totally dedicated to women's history is opening in NYC this spring, and it's not to be missed. If you're shocked there isn't already a women's history museum around, well, you're not alone. But thankfully, we'll soon have this one to honor the lives of the many women who've paved the way for us.

Say What?! A new theory proposes that Pride and Prejudice author Jane Austen might've died from arsenic poisoning. Spooky...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg + A Big Day

On Wednesday, Supreme Court justice and all-around hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg turned 84. You may be familiar with the legal legend for her work on the court protecting women's rights or her crossing-the-aisle friendship with the late Justice Scalia, but there's probably plenty you don't know about Ginsburg. In honor of her birthday, take a look back at her extraordinary life thus far.

Quiz Break: Ever wonder if you're more Geraldine Ferraro or Ida B. Wells? Find out which badass woman in history you are by taking this quiz.

Keanu Reeves + That Matrix Reboot

Are you ready for this? A Matrix reboot is reportedly in the early stages of development, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that sources have said Michael B. Jordan might possibly star. Naturally, fans of the original are mixed on the news, but mostly people just want to know if Keanu Reeves will be involved. Fingers crossed...

Save The Date: Master of None Season 2 will be here on May 12. Get the pasta ready!

Heath Ledger + A Tear-Jerking Documentary

Get the tissues ready: A Heath Ledger documentary is coming to Spike TV in May. Called I Am Heath Ledger, the film is part of a series by the network that looks at late public figures' lives via interviews with people close to them. You'll definitely want to be tuning in for this.

Shopping Break: Whether you fancy yourself a chef or you're a klutz when it comes to cooking, these kitchen gadgets from Amazon can take your culinary game to the next level.

Today's WTF Moment: This lip gloss feels like kissing a cat's wet nose. OMG.

What to Watch: Tonight marks a new episode of Legion, the totally insane but highly entertaining X-Men show you need to be watching. Tune in to FX at 10.