Bustle's Editors On Climate Change + 'Spider-Man'

Hello, hello! How's everyone's Tuesday going so far? It's insane to think that there are only three days left of March, but here we are. And as usual, this day wasn't exactly news-free. There was plenty going on, from Trump's climate change executive order (more on that later) to the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer comic book fans can't stop talking about (more on that later, too). So without further ado, here's what you need to know about the news and events of Tuesday, March 28.

Donald Trump + Climate Change

In upsetting news on Tuesday afternoon, President Trump signed an executive order significantly changing Barack Obama's climate change policies. At least 10 crucial measures will now be suspended, including policies enacted to lessen carbon emissions and fossil fuels. This is a major deal, and the executive order will have serious repercussions.

Deal Of The Day: Buy Lipslut's F*ck Trump lipstick for $19.95, and half the proceeds will be donated to a women's charity that's been threatened by the Trump administration. What's not to love?

Spider-Man: Homecoming + A Brand-New Trailer

It was a big morning for superhero fans, as the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer hit the web (get it?). The preview for the highly anticipated film is filled with fun little moments (and a lot of Easter eggs), including a Captain America cameo that's actually a pretty big plot hole...

Congrats! Everyone's internet boyfriend Oscar Isaac is gonna be a dad. Can we suggest Poe as a possible baby name?

Facebook Stories + What To Know

In a major change to the site, Facebook now has a Stories feature, similar to those of Snapchat and Instagram. The feature started appearing on some users' mobile versions of the site this morning, so keep your eyes peeled for your own update. And in the meantime, learn how to use Facebook stories in order to take full advantage.

Giving Back: Lyft is now offering a program that lets users round up their fare to the nearest dollar, with the extra money donated to charity. Very, very cool.

Harry Potter + $$$

If you just picked up a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you might want to take very good care of it. A recent run of the book has a huge misprint, and, like with all Harry Potter books, the typos might mean that these copies could fetch a ton of money at auctions. Fingers crossed...

Book Nerds, Rejoice: A Buffy YA book series is coming, and it'll pick up right where the beloved show left off in 2003. Fall 2018 can't come soon enough.

Pretty Little Liars + A Sneak Peek

Who else is ready for Pretty Little Liars Season 7B to premiere?! We still have to wait a few more weeks for the final episodes to air, but you can watch the first minute of PLL's 7B premiere now to get a sneak peek. But be prepared — it is intense.

OMG, '90s Kids: There was a major Fresh Prince reunion, and it was everything.

Today's WTF Moment: That William Shatner / Nick Viall "feud" is still going strong, y'all.

What to Watch: Say goodbye to Bones. Tonight at 9 is the series finale of the FOX show, and to make matters even more emotional, the episode is directed by star David Boreanaz.