The 'Grown-ish' Theme Song Is So Perfect That It Might Just Make You Cry

Zoey Johnson is heading to college, and the grown-ish theme song is so perfect for her journey that it might just make you cry (happy tears, people). The black-ish spinoff is set to follow Zoey as she heads out on her own for the first time, and Chloe x Halle's "Grown" will be the show's anthem. The sisters have penned a song that seamlessly captures the joy, freedom, and fear that comes along with growing up. On top of all that, it's a catchy tune too.

"Watch out world, I'm grown now, watch out world, it's going down," the song begins. Can't you see Yara Shahidi's Zoey making her entrance on campus to that flawless line? Fans of black-ish are likely to notice that the sweet melody is reminiscent of Zoey's attitude toward life. As the oldest of the Johnson kids, Zoey's always tried to act more mature than her siblings. Whether she's nailing her internship or surprising her family with how much the news cycle truly affects her, there's always more going on with Zoey than meets the eye. And she's constantly underestimated.

That's exactly why she's the perfect character to get her own spinoff. Not only is Zoey on the precipice of beginning a new phase in her life, she's always played it cool around her parents and siblings. Now Zoey is heading into a new environment that's all about exploring who you are as a person and interacting with your peers — it's time for her to show the world who she truly is, and that's exactly what "Grown" is all about.

The lyrics continue,

"I think I'm handlin' just fine (Just fine)
No, I can't lie I make mistakes (Mistakes)
But I know I'm gonna be okay (OK)"

Zoey really is growing up, guys, and if you're experiencing a whole lot of feelings right now, that's totally OK.

Thankfully, Zoey's not going to be navigating this whole college thing on her own. Grown-ish is introducing several new characters for Zoey to bond with including her roommate Analisa, played by Francia Raisa. The rest of Zoey's new group of friends includes characters played by Emily Arlook, Trevor Jackson, Luka Sabbat, and Jordan Buhat. In addition to providing the series with its theme song, Chloe and Halle Bailey will also have recurring roles on grown-ish as a pair of twin track stars.

Aside from Zoey's fellow classmates, grown-ish is also borrowing one of black-ish's funniest characters. Deon Cole's Charlie, who is Dre's co-worker, is revealed to have a side gig as an adjunct professor at Zoey's college. Given Charlie's own complicated relationship with adulthood, he may not be the best person to turn to for advice about growing up, but he's certain to add more laughs to the series.

Given how smart and capable Zoey has always been, there's no doubt that she'll figure out her new normal in no time — even if she does make a few mistakes along the way, like the theme song suggests. Those mistakes will likely be some of the best parts of grown-ish. Much like black-ish, the series is set to tackle heavy issues, and that includes the foibles most young adults make during their college years.

The show's previews hint at Zoey experiencing brushes with drugs, alcohol, and the age-old problem of balancing partying with studying. But grown-ish sounds like it's prepared to delve even deeper with storylines about sexuality, conflicting politics, and activism. Basically, this series wants to get the modern college experience right, and if it follows in black-ish's socially conscious footsteps then viewers should be in for an entertaining and quality ride.

Grown-ish is certainly getting off to a good start with "Grown." The track has all the makings of a classic theme song. Now all that's left is for grown-ish to live up to its strong premise when premieres Jan. 3 on Freeform.