Steve Harvey Describing The Kardashians’ ‘Family Feud’ Episode Will Make You Actually LOL

by Rachel Ann Selvin

Kanye West is no stranger to a little controversy. From his ever-beguiling Twitter persona to rumored clashes with JAY-Z, the rapper tends to generate headlines with a uniquely subversive edge. But on Tuesday, Steve Harvey went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and had nothing but good things to say about West's appearance on the Kardashian-Jenner's Family Feud episode. Though Harvey dished on most members of the family — including Kris Jenner's mom, Mary Jo, and Kim Kardashian’s long-time BFF, Jonathan Cheban — he was quick to highlight West as the episode's unequivocal MVP. In retrospect, West's Family Feud success is no huge surprise, considering Kim teased their appearance in February on Snapchat by mentioning her husband had "waited [his] whole life for this" — and according to the show's host, the experience didn't disappoint.

Turns out, the episode, which will air in May, was originally supposed to pit the Hilton family against the Kardashians. But the Hiltons dropped out, leaving Kim’s crew with no worthy opponents. Just as the Kardashian-Jenner ladies were left without another set of reality TV royals to face off against at the buzzers, West was struck by a bolt of true inspiration. "Kanye, who is a big fan of Family Feud, said ‘I want to play, I’ve always wanted to play,’” Harvey explained. “So he brought his family, some people you don’t know, these cousins, and they were just like the best.”

Even after he’d saved the day by creating a new team with his family and Kim, West apparently just couldn’t stop smiling. “His people said, ‘Steve, this is the most Kanye has ever smiled,’” Harvey recalled. Of course, West’s expertise won't shock Yeezy fans, especially due to his widespread fame as a kind of philosopher — an internet-generated renown which recently culminated with the announcement that he might soon be sharing his wisdom in a book, Break The Simulation. (Umm, are pre-orders available yet?)

Even though Harvey was impressed with West as “the best Celebrity Family Feud panelist [he’s] ever had on the show,” he also shared some hilariously candid shade about a few other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Some of his juiciest reveals? Harvey seemed a little less sold on Foodgod Instagrammer and Keeping Up With The Kardashians mainstay, Jonathan Cheban. “He was a lot,” Harvey quipped, while also calling out Kim herself, who he summed-up with a deadpan: “[She] didn’t know nothing.” In Kim’s defense, it’s probably just too easy to let your nostalgia for all-things Family Feud distract you when you’re facing off against an able competitor.

One other piece of Harvey's eye-opening Kardashian-Jenner trivia definitely stood out, especially given the recent birth of Khloé’s first baby, True Thompson, on April 12. Harvey was apparently impressed by Kim's intense dynamic with Khloé, noting, “They were on opposite sides, they were very competitive.” While the family has not commented on the recent reports of Tristan Thompson's rumored infidelity, Kim's incredible rally of support for Khloé suggests that that forceful spirit only applies to outsmarting each other at the podium. (Bustle reached out to Thompson and Khloé's reps about the cheating rumors, but did not hear back.)

Case-in-point? Kim's heartfelt, supportive tweet announcing True's birth kinda says it all.

Thanks to West's enthusiasm and on-point problem-solving skills, the Kardashians probably just starred in the soon-to-be most popular Family Feud episode of all time, at least if their track-record for TV gold is any indicator. “We’re going to get the highest ratings we’ve ever had," Harvey laughed with DeGeneres. You'll have to wait till next month for the official verdict, but it's probably a good bet that "survey says," this is a solid answer.