The ONE Sex Position To Try This Month

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The first few days of January have been off to a frigid, rocky start, to say the least. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's spent the last few days holed up in their room, making hourly hot chocolates, and only venturing out into the cruel, cold world when absolutely necessary. The one silver lining to being snowed in? Having ample opportunity to test out some of the best sex positions for winter — because how else are we supposed to keep warm and cozy throughout the seemingly endless, frosty month of January?

"When we think of winter we tend to think of getting cozy, curling up under the covers, cuddling, and just being all-around adorable," Brit Burr, Sex Expert and Editor-at-Large of Psych N Sex, tells Bustle. "Winter is especially adorable when we have a partner to share these cute and cozy activities with. The thing is, when it comes to sex, for some reason we equate a great deal of its allure to the warm summer months... Because we tend to get a little more reserved in the winter, more lethargic, and we seek warmth, safety, and connection it can be challenging to transfer the sex that we knew in the hot, hot summer into our cozy winter lives. So, instead of trying to match that summer heat, why not adjust your sex life to suit the present?"

Even if the winter weather has you feeling lazy, there's no reason you can't still have super steamy sex: it's just a matter of knowing which position is most worth your precious energy. If you want to have sex that's passionate, intimate, and both literally and figuratively hot, there's one position you have to try this month: the lotus.

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"[The lotus] position is perfect for promoting intimacy, connection, warmth, and of course, orgasms," Burr says. "In a heterosexual partnership, this position is when the man sits down with his legs crossed and the woman straddles him, wrapping her legs around his waist. The partners then wrap their arms around each other as if they were hugging. If the person on top is finding it difficult to find a good rhythm or range of motion, it can be helpful to grasp a headboard or put your hands on a wall, if this doesn't work, unwrap your legs and kneel over your partner like you would in cowgirl."

Why Lotus Is The Perfect Position For January

So what makes lotus a must-try in January? Aside from being a uniquely intimate position that will allow you to feel an even deeper connection with your partner during sex, lotus is also perfect for the long, cold month of January because of its serious pleasure potential.

"Because your entire bodies are touching in the position, it is incredibly intimate and it is the perfect angle for kissing and embracing," Burr says. "Additionally, because of the angle of entry, you can use a back and forth motion as well as an up and down motion to help stimulate an internal orgasm."

Instead of settling for just one mind-blowing, body-warming orgasm, why not settle into lotus position and strive for multiple orgasms? As if the possibility of multiple O's isn't enticing enough, there's one other hidden benefit of the lotus position: it's super versatile, meaning you might never get bored of it. Here are four ways to switch up the lotus position, so it still feels fresh and new — even if you're doing it all month long.

1. Try It In Reverse

As the great Missy Elliott once said, it's never a bad idea to put that thang down, flip it, and reverse it — and the same rule applies to your favorite sex positions, too. If you want a break from face-to-face lotus (and want to give your partner a hot new view), try doing the lotus position in reverse, instead.

"Though this will change the position from lotus to a sitting reverse cowgirl, it's a great variation and still allows for a ton of skin-on-skin contact, warmth, and intimacy," Burr says. "Have your partner sit on a chair or bed and either sit or kneel on top of them, facing away from them. Let them wrap their arms around you and let yourself enjoy the closeness!"

2. Bring A Vibrator Into The Mix

Technically, bringing a vibrator into bed with you can spice up any old position, but it'll be especially hot to use one in lotus. Because you and your partner are already so close, there will be tons of great, feel-good friction as it is — and adding the pleasurable vibrations of a couples sex toy will only up the intensity.

"Place a vibrator on your clit, [and] you can even have your partner hold it," Burr says. "Because you are in such close quarters it will likely be able to stimulate both partners at the same time. Try moving it back and forth between partners if it doesn't reach both at the same time."

3. Do It In A Chair

Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference: if you're bored of getting it on in the bedroom, straddle your partner and try out the lotus position from the comfort of your favorite chair instead.

"Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good rhythm/range of motion in lotus, so it can really help if the person on top has something to grip like the back of a chair," Burr says. "It can be even more fun if you do it somewhere where you don't commonly get intimate like at the kitchen table or in your office chair."

4. Play Around With Light Bondage

If you're already into or have been wanting to experiment with some light bondage, lotus is the perfect position to try it out in — all you need is some handcuffs or silk ties to seriously raise the stakes of this position.

"Using either ropes, ribbons, handcuffs, or ties of any kind, fasten either one or both of your hands together and then rap your arms around each other so you have the feeling of being bound together," Burr says. "Or try binding the hands of the person in the bottom for a feeling on domination."

No matter how you choose to spice it up (or whether you prefer to stick to the classic version), the lotus is one position that won't disappoint. So if you're in need of a comfy, cozy, and surprisingly sexy position to heat up your love life this winter, look no further!