What Selena Gomez's Super Cryptic New Music Video May Actually Mean

While some have spent the last few weeks trying to figure out if Selena Gomez's new song "Back To You" is about Justin Bieber, they now have a new mystery to solve. After releasing the official video for Gomez's "Back To You," fans are stumped as to what this Wes Anderson-style clip is all about. Leave it to Twitter, though, to have some hilarious and thought-provoking theories about Gomez's new music video.

This new video — the third for "Back To You" following a 13 Reasons Why-inspired lyric video and a Spotify exclusive behind-the-scenes clip — has Gomez putting her own spin on Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, putting a very silent movie twist on this love story. Overtaken by her love for a former flame, she decides to run off with this guy, who seems to be a little daft. After all, he doesn't even really know who she is. "You know, you sort of look like Selena Gomez," he says, only to have Gomez turn to the camera and give a look that clearly says, "Can you believe this guy?" No, Selena, fans can't believe it.

Still, Gomez's character is in love and perhaps isn't making the best decisions since she does steal a car resulting in her and her guy being wanted for grand theft auto. Gomez makes it clear she's not going to jail, which is how she ends up lighting the car on fire. It's an extreme move that even Gomez's beau seems taken aback by, but she's more than willing to lose a few cars in the process.

Some people had their own take on the video's inspiration. "Wow the new Selena Gomez video is a lovely homage to Godard's Pierrot Le Fou," user @wednesdaydreams wrote of its Parisian style. Gomez's chin-length bob, which is oh so French, is trés magnifique, for sure.

Twitter user @ClassySassySwag noticed that the video had a lot of Jelena references. "Selena Gomez 's latest song, 'Back to you' is undoubtably a song about her relationship with Justin Bieber," they wrote, pointing to their use of a getaway car throughout their relationship.

While another fan noticed Gomez's comment about "jail being death" was actually a callback to her video for "Hands To Myself."

It's clear that Gomez's new video is very meme-able, with fans having a lot of fun with that "you look like Selena Gomez line." The most popular being Mariah Carey's "I don't know her" line. Though, other fans like @hugeswift thought Gomez's response in the video was by far the best.

"Y'all better make a gif of selena's reaction when the guy in the video tells her she looks like Selena Gomez cuz that's my forever mood from now on," they wrote. And oh, fans did turn Gomez into a GIF.

Meanwhile, the music video website @Vevo felt that Gomez's acting deserves to be immortalized, taking that GIF request up a notch. "Can we replace all of these emojis with this clip of @selenagomez acting them out?" the site tweeted.

Gomez might have offered a bit of an explanation about the video in a recent tweet, which read, "You can never be too passionate." So, yes, this video might be a satirical take on her own love life and how she's been portrayed in the media as a hopeless romantic who just can't give up on the Biebs.

To this, she might actually be saying, so what? What's wrong with falling head over heels in love? To that, I say nothing, but love probably shouldn't lead anyone to a life of a crime.

Still, it's hard to say exactly what Gomez's "Back To You" video is about, but it's likely fans will keeping going back to YouTube to figure it out.