This Is The Most Common Side Hustle Among Millennial Women

by Natalia Lusinski
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Money is a feminist issue — and yet, women are still reluctant to talk about it. According to a recent Bustle survey of more than 1,000 Millennial women, more than 50 percent of people said they never discuss personal finances with friends, even though 28 percent reported feeling stressed out about money every single day. Bustle's Get Money series gets real about what Millennial women are doing with their money, and why — because managing your finances should feel empowering, not intimidating.

As you may know, having a side hustle is pretty trendy, not to mention, it helps boost your income. Now, a new survey by Jobvite has found out the most common side hustles among Millennial women, so you can see if you relate. Or, perhaps it will give you some ideas if you're looking for a side hustle. The survey was conducted among approximately 1,500 job seekers. Jobvite found that 25 percent of Millennial women, ages 18-to-35, have a second source of income outside of their regular 9-to-5 job. And 67 percent reported taking the side job because they needed the money. That's a lot of people, right?! Though, in this day and age, it's not too surprising (sadly).

"It's very impressive to me how many women today use side hustles to build up their wealth and keep the money coming in," Rachel Bitte, Chief People Officer at Jobvite, tells Bustle. "These ladies are workhorses! Finding a way to turn a passion or interest into a real, legitimate business takes skill and tenacity." I'll say!

ICYMI, side hustles are often born out of underlying talents or interests you have. That, and a need for your talent/interest in the marketplace, even if you don't even realize it at the time. Jobvite found that 20 percent of Millennial women did side jobs as a passion project. Plus, 20 percent worked on their "side hustle" during their regular jobs.

A Side Hustle Can Soon Grow Into Something Even Bigger

As far as being passionate about something and pursuing it, that's exactly what Cassandra Curtis did. She was a Millennial mom when she co-founded Once Upon a Farm, which is now the leader in cold-pressed baby food, she tells Bustle. With a background in health and wellness, Curtis had noticed the absence of fresh baby food options in stores.

"I founded Once Upon a Farm with the mission of bringing fresh food options to parents who want to provide only the best nourishment for their growing babies," Curtis says. "I launched the brand in 2013 and, at the time, I was a busy working mom of two who was tired of the lack of healthy foods for my little ones on grocery store shelves. Coupled with the fact that it's hard to find the time to shop, chop, and prep at-home meals, I decided to develop the first refrigerated, organic baby pouch on the market. Each of the blends are made with real, farm-fresh fruits and veggies that are cold-pressed to keep all of the important nutrients, colors and flavors intact. We also just launched a national subscription box program that delivers the blends straight to your door, offering the ultimate convenience without compromise for modern moms like myself!" So, side hustle to entrepreneur — this could be you, too!

Speaking of side hustles, here's what Jobvite discovered from their survey, from most to least popular side hustles.



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Yep, freelancing came in first place, with 30 percent of Millennial women surveyed saying that's their side hustle. As you may know, people freelance in everything from designing people's websites to tutoring kids and adults online. Some advertise their services on Fiverr while others use their website and word-of-mouth. However you find your clients, freelancing is an ideal way to go.




Babysitting came in second place, with 25.4 percent of female Millennials reporting this as their side hustle. And, if you think about it, you probably know plenty of people who could use a babysitter for their kids. Just ask! Yes, you can also use sites like or, but why let a company keep your commission when you can just spend time letting people know you're available to watch their kids Friday night — or any night really!




Dogsitting came in third place with 20.4 percent of Millennial women saying this is their side hustle of choice. (It's mine, too, as I often dog-sit my way through L.A.!) Just like with babysitting, yes, you can sign up with an online service, but don't you want to earn more money by cutting out the middle man (or woman)?! Thought so!

Put flyers on telephone poles, leave personalized dogsitter business cards at vet offices and in common areas as dog parks, and talk to everyone you know with dogs. If your friends are like mine, they'd much prefer you with their dog than put their beloved pets into doggy daycare for the weekend. Plus, if you can't have a dog of your own, this is the next best thing.


Selling Items On Etsy

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Etsy is fourth place with 10.7 percent of female Millennials using Etsy for their side hustle. The great thing about Etsy is that there are so many possibilities of what you can create and sell on the site. For inspiration, just peruse it for a while and you'll definitely get motivated. Whether you have a knack for making jewelry from old typewriter keys or creating the most beautiful invitations in calligraphy, there's endless side hustle opps on Etsy.


Driving For A Ride-Sharing Service


With ride-sharing services super popular these days, it's no wonder that 5.8 percent of female Millennials drive for one as their side hustle. Personally, I'd think this number would be even higher, as you have ~so much freedom~ when working for one of these ride-sharing companies, like Uber or Lyft. Even if you just pick up a few passengers while you're on your way to work, that's extra money in your bank account. Why not?!


Food Sales


Five percent of the Millennial women surveyed do food sales as their side hustle. So it makes for an ideal hustle; plus, one where you get to be social, too, if you'd rather be around people than dogs, for example.




If you don't already know, TaskRabbit is a great way to make some side cash. You can do everything from wrap people's holiday gifts to help them assemble furniture. Just check out their app and see! As far as Jobvite's survey was concerned, 3.4 percent of Millennial women use TaskRabbit as their side hustle.


Airbnb-ing Their Places

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Yes, Airbnb. It so happens that 2.3 percent of Millennial women Airbnb their places out for extra income. As long as it's legal where you live, anyone can do this. Go stay with your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend for a week and rent out your room or place, then split the money with the other person. It's a great way to start a Vacation Fund for you and your significant other, or add money to your Emergency Fund or Savings Account. You can even Airbnb your place, then use the money for investment purposes. Whatever you choose to do with the extra cash, Airbnb will soon become your BFF.

All of the above are impressive, right?! And what did Bitte think of all of the above results? "As far as the types of jobs, I was surprised — pleasantly so — by the variety of the gigs," she says. "From running Etsy shops to dogsitting to Uber driving, women have really figured out how to market their skills. I'd love to see even more types of side jobs — teaching or tutoring, event planning, freelance art or writing, and coaching — anything that uses experience and takes it to a new level."

When it comes to side hustle options, the possibilities are definitely endless. So, what are you waiting for? Might as well start your side hustle today, whether you want to add to your retirement account or save up for a trip to Europe!


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