Casa Amor's Hair-Raising History Of Disrupting The Flow On 'Love Island'


Everyone’s been waiting for it, and finally Love Island’s Casa Amor is back in full swing for the winter 2020 series. It’s undoubtedly one of the most entertaining (and stressful) moments of the whole show. Just like the years prior, over in South Africa, the boys and girls have been separated, with one half leaving the villa to meet six new contestants and the others staying behind with their own batch of newbies. Now couples will have to decide whether they’re going to stay true to their current partners or crack on with someone new. Throughout it's four-year history, there has never been a Case Amor where drama doesn't ensue.

Already this year it looks like heads are going to be turned as Callum has practically already forgotten Shaughna’s existence. Then there's Mike, who, like a child in a sweet shop, is flip-flopping between his supposed options. But while we wait for more drama to unfold in this year’s winter Love Island, let’s look back as some of the most iconic and controversial moments that shook the villa. From really bad breakups and lost trust to fan favourites being brought into the show, here are seven truly hair-raising moments courtesy of Casa Amor:


Michael revealing himself to be CHALDISH, Season 5


Who could forget when Michael did a complete 180 on Amber during Casa Amor last year? The two seemed rock solid until his head was turned by Joanna, leaving Amber completely devastated. Did Michael apologise? No. Instead, opting to use a catchphrase that's since been immortalised as a meme, he accused Amber of being “chaldish”. Anyway, Amber ended up pie-ing off Michael's subsequent advances, winning the show, and leaving with the prize money, so who’s laughing now?


Ovie. Just, Ovie. Season 5


Not everyone found love in Casa Amor but the nation did find love in Ovie and his many hats. Originally picked by Anna, who later dumped him for her original partner Jordan, Ovie kicked back and relaxed in the main villa. Calm, cool, and confident, it didn’t seem like anything could bother the professional basketball player, landing him in the final with a new bae and the unwavering love of the UK.


"I came back in here to tell you I loved you", Season 5


Amy and Curtis were the mum and dad of season five and Casa Amor definitely didn’t even seem like a challenge for the pair. However, while Amy was getting prepared to tell Curtis she was falling for him, he was busy trying (and failing) to crack on with Jordana. Nobody will ever forgot Amy's now-iconic speech when she found out what had happened. “I was coming back here to tell you I loved you,” she hissed at a guilty-looking Curtis. Heartbroken, she ended up leaving the show altogether.


*That* video footage, Season 4


If Casa Amor wasn’t messy enough, Love Island added fuel to the flames by showing video footage of the season four boys meeting the new guests with absolutely no context. Dani ended up finding out her partner Jack’s ex was in the villa and was left in tears. However, the two ended up winning the show, so all's well that ends well.


"I'm loyal", Season 4


Nobody saw it coming when Josh who was partnered up with Georgia, started crushing on new girl Kaz in Casa Amor. Georgia, confident in her original couple, re-joins the villa empty-handed, only to find Josh had already moved on. Like a pro, Georgia turns around, takes a minute for composure and cracks on with the rest of the hellish recoupling ceremony.


The 'Stick or Twist’ rule, Season 3


Casa Amor was way more cutthroat when it was first introduced in 2017. From season four onwards, re-coupling is just slightly muggy but back then, a re-coupling could result in someone being chucked from the villa for good. In a cruel (stick or) twist of fate, if original couples didn’t choose each other, or both didn’t choose someone new, one would be dumped from the Island, a brutal rule we haven’t seen since.


Kem & Amber breaking up & making up, Season 3


In the first ever Casa Amor, favourites Kem and Amber were truly tested by the introduction of new contestants. There was trouble in paradise when Amber saw a picture of Kem cosying up with a new person, leading her to fire back and re-couple herself. But it turns out neither of them actually liked their new partners. As we all know by now, the season three faces eventually got back together and actually went on to be crowned the winners. Love always prevails.