The Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netflix This Week Include A Revamped ‘The Crown’


Let's face it, as Netflix continues to ramp up the production of its own original content, more and more of said content gets lost in the shuffle. Only a few of the streaming giant's originals have broken through the clutter to gain a serious following, but when they do, they really break through. And among the many new movies & TV shows coming to Netflix this week is the return of one of the site's most successful and acclaimed creations to date: The Crown.

The Crown Season 3 is set to premiere on Nov. 17, and the show is taking a big risk in its new season. Rather than resting on its laurels after the first two awards-filled seasons, The Crown has changed its cast for Season 3. No longer will Emmy-winner Claire Foy and Matt Smith portray Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, respectively. Instead, they've been replaced by Oscar-winner Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies. This change is due to the new season depicting events from a later period in the queen's life, as it will cover the 1960s and 1970s while also featuring an older and more prominent Prince Charles, now played by Josh O'Connor.

Expectations are sky-high for the new season of The Crown, but if the series isn't your cup of English breakfast tea, then take a look below at the rest of the new content hitting Netflix this week.

1. 'A Single Man' - Nov. 11

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Colin Firth stars in this ultra-stylish drama, the directorial debut of famed fashion designer Tom Ford.

2. 'Chief Of Staff': Season 2 - Nov. 11

Netflix Original Series on YouTube

Now's the time to catch up on this Korean drama series about political aides and the secret power they wield.

3. 'Harvey Girls Forever!': Season 3 - Nov. 12

E Green on YouTube

The third season of this goofy kids show is here in all its animated splendor.

4. 'Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago' - Nov. 12

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The star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Goldbergs hits Netflix for his first stand up special after 37 years in the business.

5. 'The Stranded' - Nov. 14

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In Netflix's first Thai original series, a tsunami strands a group of students on a mysterious island with some serious Lost vibes.

6. 'Avlu: Part 2' - Nov. 15

Avlu - Netflix on YouTube

If you're looking for something relentlessly intense, the next installment of this Turkish prison drama series could be just the ticket.

7. 'El Club' - Nov. 15

Netflix Latinoamérica on YouTube

This Mexican series follows a group of bored wealthy teens who start their own drug-dealing empire and end up running into more trouble than they ever imagined.

9. 'Earthquake Bird' - Nov. 15

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Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander stars in this new thriller as a woman living in Japan who is accused of murdering her friend.

10. 'Go!: The Unforgettable Party' - Nov. 15


This musical New Year's Eve-themed spinoff film of the Argentinian series Go! Live Your Way plays out like an old school Disney Channel Original Movie.

11. 'House Arrest' - Nov. 15

Netflix India on YouTube

In this Indian export, a man's self-imposed — and peaceful — house arrest is interrupted by various interlopers.

12. 'I'm With The Band: Nasty Cherry' - Nov. 15

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This rock-doc takes a look at how singer Charli XCX put together the band/"girl gang" Nasty Cherry.

13. 'Klaus' - Nov. 15

Netflix on YouTube

Watching this beautifully animated original film that puts a new spin on the Santa Claus legend could become your newest Christmas tradition.

14. 'Llama Llama': Season 2 - Nov. 15

Netflix Jr. on YouTube

This kids show about an adorable llama and his mammalian pals returns for a second season.

15. 'The Toys That Made Us': Season 3 - Nov. 15

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The latest season of this nostalgic docuseries will give you the feels by shining a spotlight on four more toy lines from your childhood: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, pro wrestling figures, and My Little Pony.

16. 'Suffragette' - Nov. 16

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Witness the struggle of those who fought for women's right to vote in the United Kingdom in this acclaimed 2015 drama.

17. 'The Crown': Season 3 - Nov. 17

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Netflix's crown jewel — no pun intended — is finally back for a new season that's sure to clean up come awards season.

With the return of one of its most popular shows and a diverse crop of newcomers, this week looks like another one to spend on the couch with Netflix.