These 7 Movies & TV Shows Will Turn Your Weekend Into A Full-Blown Adventure

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Early November is that weird in-between time, when everyone's still coming down from the sugar highs of Halloween but they haven't yet begun to deck the halls for the holidays. Naturally that makes it the perfect time to stay home and cuddle up on the couch or spend an evening at a local movie theater — and thankfully, with so many new movies and TV shows to watch this weekend, you should have everything you need for the coziest weekend yet.

Looking for the perfect snack to eat while you're all curled up this weekend? The newest season of The Great British Baking Show arrived on Netflix on Friday, Nov. 9, which should provide all of the culinary inspiration you need to treat yourself. The latest episodes only just finished airing across the pond, and The Great British Baking Show is known for its warm, comforting nature, which makes it perfect for battling the chilly winter winds that are headed our way.

Of course, if you're more interested in having an adventure this weekend, there are plenty of thrill-seeking projects for you to dive in. Catch Claire Foy trading in her crown for a computer as the infamous hacker Lisbeth Salander in The Girl in the Spider's Web, or get your Game of Thrones period drama fix with Chris Pine's bloody turn as Robert the Bruce in The Outlaw King. The options are truly endless this weekend — in fact, the hardest decision you'll have to make is whether to head to the theaters or just stay in the comfort of your own home.


'The Outlaw King' — Netflix

Pine's performance as Robert the Bruce, one of the most legendary warriors of the 1200s and the King of the Scots who led the war for independence against England, has earned a lot of attention for its revealing nature. And the film's gritty depiction of an outlaw and his army of underdogs taking on a tyrannical force should help tide over even the most dedicated Game of Thrones fans until the final season's premiere.


'The Girl In the Spider's Web' — In Theaters

You've never seen the Queen like this before! In The Girl In the Spider's Web, Foy takes up the mantle of Lisbeth Salandar, the hacker and vigilante who seeks revenge against men who inflict pain on women. This time around, Lisbeth must face the trauma of her past in order to untangle a web of lies involving spies, criminals, and the government itself.


'The Great British Baking Show' — Netflix

The most beloved baking show on television is back with twelve new, incredibly talented home bakers, and all kinds of new and inventive challenges. Tune in to see the bakers' exquisite creations, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig's charming banter, and whether or not judge Paul Hollywood has actually started going soft on the new contestants. Just don't watch on an empty stomach!


'The Grinch' — In Theaters

Who says it's too early to get into the holiday spirit? Well, maybe the Grinch himself, who is back in theaters for yet another yuletide adventure. Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, this new take on the classic tale will have enough in-jokes and wit for big kids, and plenty of holiday fun for the little ones.


'Modern Family' — ABC, Hulu

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The Pritchett-Dunphy family have been through a lot lately, but "Did the Chicken Cross the Road," which aired on Tuesday, Nov. 8, may have just thrown TV's favorite family for their biggest loop yet. In the episode, Haley (Sarah Hyland), and her longtime boyfriend Dylan attempt to prove that they really can act like grown ups, only to find that their days of goofing around and being irresponsible might be numbered.


'Real Housewives of New Jersey' — Bravo, Hulu

The Jersey housewives are back — and there's more drama than ever! Season 9 of the addictive franchise kicked off on Monday, Nov. 7, with a birthday party, two new cast members and yet another major fight between Teresa Giudice and her brother, Joe, and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. The more things change, the more they stay the same for these Housewives.


'The Good Place' — NBC, Hulu

It's been a wild ride for Team Cockroach this season, who escaped the deaths that sent them to the Bad Place in the premiere, only to team up with Michael and Janet on Earth in order to try and help themselves and others be better people. But The Good Place is a show full of twists and turns, and the one that underscores "The Worst Possible Use of Free Will," which aired on Thursday, Nov. 8, might just make you yell "Holy Forking Shirtballs!" at your television screens once more.

Action and adventure, heartwarming holiday classics, and the return of everyone's favorite cheesy reality series; with so many TV shows and movies to choose from this weekend, it really does feel like we're getting our presents early this year.