This 'Frozen 2' Trailer Hints That Elsa's Powers Are Greater Than She Thinks

Walt Disney Studios Animation

The cold never bothered Elsa anyway, but what about water? From the looks of this new Frozen 2 trailer, it's not a problem either. In this new teaser, Elsa (Idina Menzel) is more powerful than ever, scaling a giant wave. Seriously, she's walking on water now, which is very impressive. But, it's also clear that she's still figuring out how to harness her instant freeze powers in the Frozen sequel, hitting theaters November 22.

To do that, Elsa's going to have to revisit her past to understand why she was born with these magical powers. Turns out, the past might not be what it seems and she's ready to find the truth Luckily, she's got her sister Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven to join her on this journey outside of Arendelle. The gang is going north this time around, across the enchanted lands and into the unknown. And no surprise, it isn't going to be an easy journey.

The new Frozen 2 trailer hints at what they're up against once they go to this unchartered territory. There's a dead-drop waterfall, purple forest fires, Stonehenge-like magical rock formations, and a shadow monster that has Elsa looking pretty scared.

Perhaps the scariest thing in this movie, though, is Elsa's powers, which were always a bit too powerful for her to contain. That is until now. She's starting to figure out how to use them for good. But, now, as everyone's favorite troll shaman Bulda says, everyone "hopes they are enough" to save the world. From what? Well, fans will have to until this fall to see.

For now, there's not much more to know about the movie. Jennifer Lee, the co-director of Frozen and Frozen 2, told Variety in November that the film would be "bigger, more epic" than the original. The music will still be written by "Let It Go" scribes Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez so prepare for the music to be stuck in your head for the next couple of years. And This Is Us's Sterling K. Brown possibly joined the Frozen 2 cast and Kristen Bell is definitely excited if it's true. As well as Evan Rachel Wood, who is rumored to have a role in the film, but nothing's been confirmed as of yet.

Though, let's assume despite a curious Instagram The Rock is not actually joining Frozen 2 as Sven, no matter how much fans wish he was. It might have to be added to the Frozen wishlist alongside Elsa getting a girlfriend, something Menzel is also in favor of. After the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend started trending in 2016, Menzel told Entertainment Tonight, "I think it's great. Disney's just gotta contend with that. I'll let them figure that out."

This time around, though, Josh Gad's Olaf might find love in a hopelessly cold place. Well, maybe not as cold as before since this trailer puts fall on full display. Let's guess that there might not be too many snowmen to build this time around.

Clearly, Elsa and her powers are the real stars of this new trailer that should get fans excited to finally see this ice queen return to the big screen after six years.