The 26 New Movies & Shows On Netflix This Week, Including An Olsen Twins Classic

Liz Minch/Bustle

For many Netflix fans, the streaming site just isn't what it used to be. The site's once-extensive movie library has dwindled in recent years, as Netflix has shifted its focus and budget toward producing its own content. And while many of their Netflix originals have been praised, some fans still wish Netflix offered more classic films like they used to. Well, apparently Netflix has heard its fans' complaints, because there are a ton of new movies on Netflix this week, including an early 2000s favorite starring the Olsen twins.

The movie in question is New York Minute, a 2004 comedy that just so happened to be the final film to star Mary-Kate and Ashley before the pair ditched show business to conquer the fashion world. As a result, the film acts as a snapshot of a very brief and specific moment in time when the Olsen twins were movie stars who routinely churned out kooky comedies. And New York Minute is perhaps the kookiest of them all. The film sees the two as sisters, naturally, who go on the run from an outlandish truant officer (Eugene Levy) in New York City. There's lots of goofy gags, cheesy lines, and even some hints at the pair's future career change. It all adds up to a joy-filled trip down memory lane.

But New York Minute is hardly the only new addition to Netflix this week. There are loads of new shows and movies streaming over the next seven days, and you'll find the best of them listed below.


‘New York Minute’ - Oct 1

See the Olsen twins do their thing in this early 2000s time capsule.


‘Angel Eyes’ - Oct 1

J. Lo stars as a cop who falls for a mysterious stranger in this thrilling mystery.


‘Billy Madison’ - Oct 1

Adam Sandler's first big movie, and easily still one of his best.


‘Black Dynamite’ - Oct 1

This blaxploitation parody brings '70s cinema back in style and with a more up-to-date point of view.


‘Blade' & 'Blade II’ - Oct 1

Forget the MCU, it was the Blade series that technically kicked off the Marvel movie age.


‘Blazing Saddles’ - Oct 1

This Mel Brooks classic is one of the most acclaimed comedy films of all time.


‘Empire Records’ - Oct 1


‘Must Love Dogs’ - Oct 1

It's a rom com with Diane Lane and John Cusack, what's not to love?


‘Mystic River’ - Oct 1

This intense tearjerker was an awards circuit darling when it was first released.


‘Pay It Forward’ - Oct 1

If you still have some tears left after watching Mystic River, then have a look at this inspiring drama.


‘Pee-wee's Big Adventure’ - Oct 1

The classic comedy returns to Netflix for more laughs — just watch out for Large Marge.


‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ - Oct 1

Kevin Costner stars in what is possibly the best Robin Hood film adaptation to date.


‘The Devil's Advocate’ - Oct 1

Al Pacino gets to chew scenery like never before while literally playing the Devil in this thriller.


‘The Green Mile’ - Oct 1

This Stephen King drama is more likely to leave you sobbing than frightened.


‘The Lake House’ - Oct 1

This supernatural romance reunites Speed stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves to charming effect.


‘The NeverEnding Story’ - Oct 1

The '80s classic is streaming so you can cry once again over Artax's fate.


‘The Shining’ - Oct 1

One of the scariest movies of all time is arriving on Netflix just in time for Halloween.


‘V for Vendetta’ - Oct 1

Fight the power with this memorable Natalie Portman actioner.


‘Monty Python's Life of Brian’ - Oct 2

The famed British comedy troupe tells the story of Brian Cohen, a man born next door to Jesus on the same day who is subsequently mistaken for him.


‘Creeped Out’ - Oct 4

This new horror anthology series is meant for kids but is legitimately scary, essentially making it Are You Afraid of the Dark? for a new generation.


‘Big Mouth': Season 2 - Oct 5

The hilarious animated sitcom is back for a new season full of embarrassing adventures through puberty.


‘Dancing Queen’ - Oct 5

This new docuseries takes a look at the life of Drag Queen/dance studio owner Justin "Alyssa Edwards" Johnson.


‘Elite’ - Oct 5

This Spanish language high-stakes teen soap will hook its claws into you and not let go.


‘Malevolent’ - Oct 5

October is Halloween month, so Netflix is bringing the scares with this original thriller.


‘Private Life’ - Oct 5

This Netflix original sees Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti as a middle aged couple looking to start a family.


‘YG Future Strategy Office’ - Oct 5

This new mockumentary-style sitcom is basically The Office if it took place in South Korea and starred an actual K pop star (Big Bang's Seungri).

With so much quality content arriving on Netflix this week, don't be surprised if the next seven days whiz by in a New York minute.