The New Movies & Shows On Netflix This Week Include Your New Fave Rom-Com


When it comes to Netflix's new offerings this week, there's one selection that stands out from the crowd. It's mostly the usual mix of random studio films like Alexander and Ultraviolet, new seasons of network TV shows like The 100, and loads of Netflix originals covering everything from magic shows to home renovations to a hyped new animated series from Matt Groening. But of all the movies and shows on Netflix this week, the most exciting has to be To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

The new film, which premieres on Netflix on Aug 17, is based upon the beloved novel of the same name by Jenny Han. The movie (and book) is about a high school girl who writes love letters to all of her crushes as a way to deal with her feelings. She keeps the letters, some of which are several years old, in a secret box in her room, never intending for them to see the light of day. But after someone mails out all of her letters to their intended recipients, she has to deal with the embarrassing fallout. The film aims to do a good job of accurately translating the book to screen, even keeping the Asian American female lead (Lana Condor) — a rarity in a Hollywood production, especially a romance.

So for more information on the new rom-com that's tailor-made for fans of YA novels, as well as everything else hitting Netflix this week, check out the full list below.


‘Alexander: The Ultimate Cut’ - Aug 13

The theatrical cut of this Oliver Stone epic isn't exactly short, featuring a 175 minute runtime, but if that wasn't enough blond Colin Farrell for you then check out this version, which is over a half hour longer.


'Splash and Bubbles': Season 2 - Aug 13

If you've got young kids in the house, they'll probably appreciate this cute animated series from PBS.


'The Nut Job' - Aug 13

This animated adventure features Will Arnett's gravelly voice coming out of a squirrel. That's something, right?


'Adventures In Public School' - Aug 15

This teen comedy shows what happens when a homeschooled kid is thrust into the wild world of public high school.


'Hostiles' - Aug 15

Christian Bale, Rosemund Pike, and Wes Studi star in this acclaimed 2017 Western.


'The 100': Season 5 - Aug 15

Time to catch up on the most recent season of this sci-fi drama from the CW, which concluded just last week.


'Evan Almighty' - Aug 16

The Bruce Almighty sequel sees Steve Carell turn into a real life Noah, Ark and all.


'Wish I Was Here' - Aug 16

If you're a fan of Zach Braff, then you should check out this film that not only stars the Scrubs actor, but was also directed and co-written by him.


'Disenchantment' - Aug 17

The newest series from The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening sees him take his unique animation style to the world of Medieval fantasy.


'Magic For Humans' - Aug 17

If you enjoy up close street magic but find David Blaine's serious demeanor off-putting, then you should dig this similar but friendlier special from magician Justin Willman.


'Pinky Malinky' - Aug 17

This new animated series about an anthropomorphic hot dog middle schooler is finally making its debut after years in development.


'Spirit Riding Free': Season 6 - Aug 17

Remember that 2002 animated film about the horse, Spirit? No? Well, apparently there's a children's series spinoff, and it's starting its sixth season this week. Who knew?


'Stay Here' - Aug 17

This new home renovation series gives makeovers not to people's living spaces, but rather to the rooms they rent out on services like Airbnb.


'The Motive' - Aug 17

This Spanish language drama sees an aspiring writer take the idea of life imitating art a bit too far.


'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' - Aug 17

One high school girl's worst nightmare comes true in this highly-anticipated book adaptation.


'Ultraviolet' - Aug 17

Milla Jovovich stars in this bonkers future-set action flick from 2006.


'The Investigator: A British Crime Story': Season 2 - Aug 19

The second season of the true crime import sees investigator Mark Williams-Thomas looking into the 1985 disappearance of disappearance of Carole Packman.

As you can see, Netflix has plenty to keep you entertained this week... even if for some reason you're not into teen rom-coms.